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    What language do Maori people speak?

    What was the first language spoken in Maori?

    Is Maori a Polynesian language?

    How many people speak Maori in Australia?

  2. Proto-Austronesian language - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Proto-Austronesian is a verb-initial language (including VSO and VOS word orders), as most Formosan languages, all Philippine languages, some Bornean languages, all Austronesian dialects of Madagascar, and all Polynesian languages are verb-initial.

  3. Māori language - Wikipediaāori_language

    1 day ago · In Ray Harlow and Robin Hooper, eds. VICAL 1: Oceanic languages. Papers from the Fifth International Conference on Austronesian linguistics. Auckland, New Zealand. January 1988, Part I. Auckland: Linguistic Society of New Zealand. Biggs, Bruce (1994). "Does Māori have a closest relative?" In Sutton (ed.) (1994), pp. 96–105. Biggs, Bruce (1998).

  4. 菲律賓語言 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书菲律賓語言

    1 day ago · 菲律賓語言包括菲律賓所有使用中的語言。 依據不同分類方法,菲律賓有120到175種語言和方言 。 幾乎全屬於馬來-波利尼西亞語族,僅有零星例外,如查瓦卡諾語是一種來自羅曼語族的克里奧爾語。

  5. サアロア語 - Wikipediaサアロア語

    1 day ago · Pan, C. (2012). A Grammar of Lha'alua, an Austronesian Language of Taiwan. James Cook University. 417pp; Starosta, S. (1996). The position of Saaroa in the grammatical subgrouping of Formosan languages. In Pan-Asiatic Linguistics: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Languages and Linguistics (Vol. 3, pp. 944–966) Pan, Chia ...

  6. 毛利语 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书毛利语

    16 hours ago · Māori Language Commission 页面存档备份,存于互联网档案馆 (sets definitive standards). English and Māori Word Translator , originally developed at the 奥塔哥大学 . Ngata Māori–English English–Māori Dictionary from Learning Media; gives several options and shows use in phrases.

  7. 拉阿魯哇語 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书拉阿魯哇語

    1 day ago · 拉阿魯哇語的音系之音位大都使用適當的Unicode符號來標示。 在台灣南島語的書寫系統的訂定上,元輔音之音系表原則上都是先「發音部位」(橫列)、後「發音方法」(縱列)、再考量「清濁音」,來訂定其音系之音位架構。

  8. titi - Wiktionary

    Today · A New World monkey of the genus Callicebus, native to South America, distinguished by their long soft fur.··(New Zealand) Mutton bird.

  9. dahi - Wiktionary

    Today · (South Asia) A yogurt or fermented milk product.··(anatomy) forehead (part of face above eyebrows)

  10. 1 day ago · Wikipedia: Malagasy (/mæləˈɡæsi/;[3] Malagasy: [ˌmalaˈɡasʲ]) is an Austronesian language and the national language of Madagascar. Most people in Madagascar speak it as a first language as do some people of Malagasy descent elsewhere.

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    1 day ago · Doug: Jason, the compassion comes after we see facts clearly. I’ve mentioned countless times, that we need vocation schools at the high school level to train those kids that are not college-bound toward in some kind of useful profession.