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    Ava Lavinia Gardner (December 24, 1922 – January 25, 1990) was an American actress and singer. She first signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1941 and appeared mainly in small roles until she drew critics' attention in 1946 with her performance in Robert Siodmak's Noir film The Killers.

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    Ava Lavina Gardner was born on December 24, 1922 in Grabtown, North Carolina, to Mary Elizabeth (née Baker) and Jonas Bailey Gardner. Born on a tobacco farm, where she got her lifelong love of earthy language and going barefoot, Ava grew up in the rural South. At age 18, her picture in the window of her brother-in- law's New York photo studio...

  3. Ava Gardner - Movies, Frank Sinatra & Death - Biography

    Dec 16, 2019 · Actress Ava Gardner was a sultry beauty famous for playing femme fatale roles, and for her marriages to Frank Sinatra, Artie Shaw and Mickey Rooney. Who Was Ava Gardner? Ava Gardner signed a...

    • December 24, 1922
    • January 25, 1990
  4. The Wild Life and Many Loves of Ava Gardner | Vanity Fair

    Jun 03, 2020 · Born in North Carolina, the often barefoot and always brash movie star Ava Gardner was, in the words of second husband Artie Shaw, “the most beautiful creature you ever saw.” She was also,...

  5. Ava Gardner | Biography, Movies, & Facts | Britannica

    Ava Gardner, in full Ava Lavinia Gardner, (born December 24, 1922, Grabtown, North Carolina, U.S.—died January 25, 1990, London, England), American film actress of the 1940s and ’50s who, despite her renowned beauty and sensuality, successfully resisted being typecast as a sex symbol.

  6. Ava Gardner's Life in Photos - Rare Pictures of Ava Gardner

    Feb 21, 2020 · Ava Gardner was born in rural North Carolina, just outside of Smithfield. Her parents were tobacco farmers and she was the youngest of seven children.

    • Charlotte Chilton

    Apr 07, 2015 · Ava Gardner was a broke alcoholic when in 1988, in a desperate bid to raise some cash, she decided to write her memoir and made what turned out to be a deathbed confessions detailing her many affairs and marriages. She died in 1990 after canceling the project and her ghostwriter, Peter Evans, took the tapes to his grave.

  8. Ava Gardner’s deathbed confessions reveal stories of booze ...

    Jun 16, 2013 · And so, in January 1988, Ava Gardner, ravaged by booze and cigarettes and a recent stroke, called British journalist Peter Evans and asked him to ghostwrite her memoirs. What followed were the...

  9. Ava Gardner Was Hollywood’s Potty-Mouthed Sex Goddess

    Feb 06, 2020 · Before Marilyn Monroe or Farrah Fawcett, before Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie, there was Ava Gardner. Called “the most irresistible woman in Hollywood,” she reigned for decades as an American sex...

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