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    Oct 05, 2018 · Await Further Instructions TV-MA | 1h 31min | Horror , Mystery , Sci-Fi | 5 October 2018 (USA) A family's Christmas takes a strange turn when they awake to find themselves trapped inside and begin receiving mysterious instructions through the television.

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    • Johnny Kevorkian
    • TV-MA
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    Await Further Instructions launches into survivalist psychotics that embrace walled-in escalation, always building towards "that" finale. The ride is filled with highs and lows, but damn if Johnny...

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    • horror, mystery and thriller
    • Await Further Instructions (2018)
    • Await Further Instructions
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    Await Further Instructions (60) IMDb 4.8 1h 30min 2018 X-Ray 18+ After a mysterious phenomenon traps them inside their house, a series of increasingly disturbing instructions on TV lead the Milgram family into a cycle of paranoia and violence.

    • Johnny Kevorkian
    • Horror, Sci-Fi
  4. Await Further Instructions movie review (2018) | Roger Ebert

    The grim science-fiction/horror drama "Await Further Instructions" has a great premise: British working class family the Milgrams gather for Christmas dinner after years of estrangement, but soon find themselves trapped inside their suburban home by a mysterious, unidentified entity who exclusively communicates with the Milgrams through their television.

  5. Await Further Instructions: Sam Gittins, David ...

    Await Further Instructions also delivers a pretty provocative message about both violence and technology, along with some fantastic (and beautifully-shot) body horror in its culminating scenes. The film begins with what is increasingly revealed to be a very dysfunctional family getting together for the holidays.

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  6. Await Further Instructions - EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki

    Await Further Instructions is a 2018 horror film from the United Kingdom. In the film, a dysfunctional family is entrapped in their house by a black substance and receives commands from their TV.

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    Await Further Instructions 2018 TV-MA 1h 30m Sci-Fi Horror Movies A family’s tense reunion turns terrifying when they get trapped in their home by an unknown force, and sinister commands begin appearing on their TV. Starring: Sam Gittins, Grant Masters, Neerja Naik

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  8. Await Further Instructions (Film) - TV Tropes

    Await Further Instructions. Saturation media just got a whole new meaning. An independent British horror film from 2018, this movie takes the classic British Christmas plot, mixes it generously with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, sticks the result in a blender and turns it on high. Directed by Johnny Kevorkian, it's a typical working-class Christmas dinner in the Milgram household in a nameless suburb in the UK.

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    A dysfunctional family awake on Christmas morning to discover they’re sealed inside their house by a mysterious black substance. On television, a single line of text reads: “Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions.”

  10. What was the monster's motivation in "Await Further ...

    In the recent horror film Await Further Instructions (2018), a family is trapped in their house by a mysterious barrier, which is later to be revealed to be part of some kind of strange monster which is made up of thousands of black wire/tentacle like things coming out of the TV sets. The monster causes the father to torture his family and eventually they all die except for an unborn baby, which the monster causes to be born by disintegrating the body of the dead pregnant sister.

    • This movie has an obvious explanation: The TVs are controlling us. In the movie, they all were so scared that they did mostly whatever the TV said....
    • I just saw that movie as well and was wondering about the same thing. One possible explanation could be that this parasite monster wants to do expe...
    • I thought it was fairly obvious considering the tentacles looked so much like coaxial cables. Not just televisions, but all signals that carry info...