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  1. How to Make a Perfect Sensory Bottle - Preschool Inspirations

    Jan 26, 2016 · How to Make a Sensory Bottle. Hopefully, this will help guide you to choose the perfect materials and ingredients to make the sensory bottle you really want! They are wonderful tools to use at home or in the car, and in the classroom. Plus, they are a great addition to a preschool curriculum. How to choose the right sensory bottle

  2. Why are Japanese so bad at English? - Japan Today

    May 06, 2012 · I was a high school teacher for 9 years, which included a 6 month stint in a Japanese High school. Many current western teaching methods are what we call 'student centered' which effectively means you look at the curriculum you are required to deliver and you devise teaching and learning strategies to make it as engaging and interesting for the students as you can.