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  1. John Sigismund Zápolya - Wikipediaápolya

    John Sigismund's father, John Zápolya, was the wealthiest Hungarian lord in the early 16th century. After the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Hungarian army in the Battle of Mohács, the majority of the noblemen elected John Zápolya king in 1526.

  2. Barbara Zápolya – Wikipediaápolya

    Barbara Zápolya, född 1495, död 2 oktober 1515 i Kraków i Polen, var en ungersk adelsdam som blev polsk drottning och litauisk storhertiginna då hon 1512 gifte sig med Sigismund I av Polen. Barbara Zápolya var dotter till den ungerske greven Stefan Zápolya och den polska furstinnan Hedwig av Cieszyn.

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    Sep 25, 2016 · Barbara Zápolya was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as the first wife of King Sigismund I the Old.Marriage to Barbara represented an alliance between Sigismund and the House of ...

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  4. Barbara Van Polen - Historical records and family trees ... polen

    Barbara van Polen (born Zápolya) was born in 1495, at birth place, to Stefan Zápolya and Jadwiga Zápolya (born Cieszyńska). Stefan was born circa 1445, in Szepesvar, Szepes Megye, Hungary. Jadwiga was born in 1469, in Cieszyn, slaskie, Polska.

  5. Barbara of Poland

    Barbara of Poland. Barbara of Poland (15 July 1478 — 15 February 1534) was a princess of Poland and a duchess of Saxony. ...

  6. Barbara Zápolya – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreápolya

    Barbara Zápolya (1495 - 2 de outubro de 1515) foi Rainha da Polônia e Grã-duquesa da Lituânia enquanto primeira esposa do Rei da Polônia Sigismundo I.

  7. John Zápolya, or John Szapolyai (Croatian: Ivan Zapolja, Hungarian: Szapolyai János or Zápolya János, Romanian: Ioan Zápolya, Slovak: Ján Zápoľský, Serbian: Jovan Zapolja/Јован Запоља; 1490 or 1491 – 22 July 1540), was King of Hungary (as John I) from 1526 to 1540. His rule was disputed by Archduke Ferdinand I, who also claimed the title King of Hungary. He was Voivode of ...

  8. Bona Sforza | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Bona Sforza (2 February 1494 – 19 November 1557) was a member of the powerful House of Sforza, which ruled the Duchy of Milan since 1447. In 1518, she became the second wife of Sigismund I the Old, the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Their marriage lasted 30 years until Sigismund's death in 1548. Ambitious and energetic, Bona became heavily involved in the political life of ...

  9. Barbara Zápolya - Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    Look at other dictionaries: Barbara Zápolya — Das Adelswappen der Familie von Zápolya und der Königin Barbara Barbara Zápolya (* 1495; † … Deutsch Wikipedia. Zapolya — Das Adelswappen der Familie Zápolya Zápolya oder Szapolyai ist der Name eines bedeutenden ungarischen Magnatengeschlechts.

  10. John Zápolya, or John Szapolyai (Croatian: Ivan Zapolja , Hungarian: Szapolyai János or Zápolya János , Romanian: Ioan Zápolya , Slovak: Ján Zápoľský 1490 or 1491 – 22 July 1540), was King of Hungary (as John I) from 1526 to 1540. His rule was disputed by Archduke Ferdinand I, who also claimed the t