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  1. Battle of Bazentin Ridge - Wikipedia › wiki › Battle_of_Bazentin_Ridge

    The Battle of Bazentin Ridge (14–17 July 1916) was part of the Battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November) on the Western Front in France, during the First World War.On 14 July, the British Fourth Army (General Henry Rawlinson) made a dawn attack against the German 2nd Army (General Fritz von Below) in the Brown Position (Braune Stellung), from Delville Wood westwards to Bazentin le Petit Wood.

    • British victory
  2. Bazentin - Wikipedia › wiki › Bazentin

    Bazentin is a commune in the Somme department in Hauts-de-France in northern France Geography. Situated between Amiens to the southwest and Arras to the north ...

    • 94–159 m (308–522 ft), (avg. 90 m or 300 ft)
    • Somme
  3. BAZENTIN - Map of Bazentin 80300 France

    The town of Bazentin is located in the township of Albert part of the district of Péronne. The area code for Bazentin is 80059 (also known as code INSEE), and the Bazentin zip code is 80300. Geography and map of Bazentin: The altitude of the city hall of Bazentin is approximately 145 meters. The Bazentin surface is 5.10 km ².

    • Somme (80)
    • Picardie (22)
    • Péronne
    • Albert
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  5. First World - Battles - The Battle of Bazentin Ridge ... › battles › bazentin

    The Battle of Bazentin Ridge, which ran from 14-17 July 1916 and comprised part of the second phase of the Somme Offensive, was launched primarily by Reserve Army (twelve battalions) with Rawlinson's Fourth Army providing a further battalion, on a front extending from Longueval to Bazentin-le-Petit Wood.

  6. The Battle of Bazentin Ridge, 14–15 July 1916 – Blencowe ... › about › the-battles

    On the morning of 14th July 1916, after a week of preparation for a general advance northward to Pozières and Bazentin Ridges and beyond, including in and around High Wood, the Commander of the British Fourth Army, General H. Rawlinson, launched his attack at 3.20 am. At around 8 am, he received a crucial report.

  7. Battle of Bazentin Ridge | Military Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Battle_of_Bazentin
    • Background
    • Prelude
    • Battle
    • Aftermath

    Tactical developments

    In the aftermath of 1 July, the first day of the battle of the Somme, the plans of General Douglas Haig were in disarray. North of the Albert–Bapaume road the attack had failed completely while south of the road, alongside the French XX Corps, the objectives of Montauban and Mametz had been captured. Therefore Haig decided to concentrate his future operations in the south. The Fourth Army of Lieutenant-General Henry Rawlinson, which had been responsible for the entire British sector on 1 July...

    British offensive preparations

    In the fortnight before the battle, the Fourth Army carried out a series of preliminary operations to prepare their start line for the assault on the ridge. This involved capturing a series of first-day objectives that remained untaken and demonstrated the appalling price that was to be paid for indecision and hesitation of the senior British commanders. On 3 July the 9th (Scottish) Division, the reserve of XIII Corps on 1 July, occupied Bernafay Wood east of Montauban while the 19th (Western...

    British plan of attack

    The plan for 14 July, conceived by General Rawlinson and XIII Corps commander, Lieutenant General Walter Congreve, bore little resemblance to the failed plan of 1 July. The attack would be carried out by XV Corps which would attack on the left against Bazentin le Petit and Bazentin le Grand while XIII Corps attacked on the right against Longueval. Each corps would attack at dawn, 3.25 a.m., with two divisions each. The assaulting battalions would make a night advance then move out into no man...

    The section of the German second position from Bazentin le Petit to Longueval was held by the 3rd Guard Division. At 3.20 a.m. the British artillery opened their intense bombardment on the German front-line trenches. At 3.25 a.m., when the bombardment lifted to the second-line reserve trenches, the infantry rushed in. The bombardment fell on the reserve trenches for a further two minutes before lifting again. The first wave of British infantry, made up of bombing parties, was to push straight on to the reserve trenches, leaving the following waves to mop up the front-line. Surprise was not complete and in places the German defenders met the advancing infantry with rifle and machine gunfire but elsewhere the garrisons were caught in their dugouts. As on 1 July, the quality of the wire-cutting was variable; sometimes it posed no obstacle, elsewhere the attacking waves got held up and cut to pieces. At the left, the 21st Division attacked from Mametz Wood, crossing no man's land into B...


    The failure to seize the opportunities of the morning of 14 July proved costly for the Fourth Army. It would take two months of bloody attrition before High Wood was finally captured. Following the loss of the Bazentin ridge, the Germans built a "switch trench", known as the Switch Line, to connect their second position near Pozières with their third position under construction on the next ridge. The Switch Line ran through the northern tip of High Wood and one could not be captured without t...


    The battle cost the Fourth Army 9,194 casualties,1,159 in the 9th Division, 2,322 in the 3rd Division, 2,819 in the 7th Division and 2,894 in the 21st Division. The German Bavarian Infantry Regiment 16 had 2,300 losses.

    • 14-17 July 1916
    • Tactical British victory
  8. Battle of Bazentin Ridge | Mental Floss › article › 83219

    Jul 17, 2016 · Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened. This is the 243rd installment in the series. July 14-17, 1916: Battle of Bazentin Ridge

  9. Bazentin Ridge: Another Slog On The Somme › services › army

    Likewise, the north-west corner of Bazentin-le-Petit Wood bedevilled the 21 Division. In the middle, the 7 and 3 Divisions had been largely successful. Officers from the 3 Division wandered northwards to High Wood without seeing any resistance. However, these infantry units had been ordered to await cavalry to exploit any breakthrough.

  10. The 1916 Battle of the Somme is often perceived as massive loss of life for little gain. The Battle of Bazentin Ridge was a major British victory and happene...

    • 6 min
    • 724
    • Storm of Steel Wargaming
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