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  1. The life of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands - History of ...

    Jan 31, 2020 · Beatrix’s engagement to German diplomat Claus von Amsberg was announced on 28 June 1965 by her mother and father. They were married on 10 March 1966 and despite protests on their wedding day (due to him being German), he eventually became one of the more popular members of the royal family.

  2. Beatrix was married to Claus von Amsberg, who died in 2002. Her sons are King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands , Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau and Prince Constantijn . Her second son, Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau , died on 12 August 2013.

  3. Beatrix of the Netherlands - Infogalactic: the planetary ...

    Beatrix was born Princess Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld, on 31 January 1938 at the Soestdijk Palace in Baarn, Netherlands.

  4. Person Page - 778 - the peerage

    Jul 16, 2005 · Maud von Mecklenburg was born circa 1293. She was the daughter of Heinrich Herzog von Mecklenburg and Beatrix von Brandenburg. She married Otto III Herzog von Braunschweig-Lüneburg, son of Otto II Herzog von Braunschweig-Lüneburg and Mathilde von Bayern, on 22 March 1310. She died after 1357, on a 3rd June.

  5. Wikizero - Beatrix von Brandenburg

    Beatrix von Brandenburg († 22. September 1314 in Wismar) war die erste Ehefrau von Heinrich II. (der Löwe) (1266–1329), Fürst zu Mecklenburg, den sie im Jahre 1292 auf der Burg Stargard heiratete. Beatrix war die Tochter von Markgraf Albrecht III. von Brandenburg und Mathilde von Dänemark.

  6. Royal Musings: Duchess Beatrix of Oldenburg weds

    Oct 24, 2010 · The von Storch family emigrated to Chile in 1945 after their property in Mecklenburg had been expropriated. It was a bitter loss for Sven's grandfather, who had been anti-Nazi. After 1990, Sven's brother, Thomas, was able to purchase the property back. Thomas died in 2004

  7. Beatrix der Nederlanden - Wikipedia

    Beatrix is net als haar zussen "scout" geweest.Zij was eerst kabouter en later water padvindster.Eind jaren veertig bezocht de prinses als basisschool de voor die tijd nogal vooruitstrevende Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap van de pedagoog Kees Boeke in Bilthoven, een school voor lager- en middelbaar onderwijs.

  8. Mecklenburg Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

    Apr 08, 2019 · Sophia (Mecklenburg) von Mecklenburg-Güstrow 04 Sep 1557 Wismar, Mecklenburg, Sachsen, Germany - 04 Oct 1631 managed by Adam McQuery last edited 5 Oct 2017 Emma H. (Mecklenburg) Walker 1885 - May 1977 USA last edited 29 Sep 2017

  9. Beatrix von Storch | Die Hass-Predigerin der AfD - Politik ...

    Ihr Vater war Bauingenieur. 2010 heiratete sie den Deutsch-Chilenen Sven von Storch, dessen Familie nach dem Krieg in Mecklenburg enteignet worden war. Beatrix von Storch lebt seit Ende der 90er ...

  10. Beatrix holland királynő – Wikipédiaálynő

    Beatrix holland hercegnő 1964-ben ismerkedett meg Claus von Amsberg (1926–2002) német származású nemessel. A német külügyminisztériumban dolgozó diplomata és a holland hercegnő 1965 . június 28-án rádiós és televíziós adásban jelentették be eljegyzésüket, [15] ami azonban nemtetszést váltott ki a hollandokból.

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