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    5 days ago · Beirut (/ b eɪ ˈ r uː t / bay-ROOT; Arabic: بيروت ‎, romanized: Bayrūt) is the capital and largest city of Lebanon.As of 2014, Greater Beirut has a population of 2.2 million, which makes it the third-largest city in the Levant region.

  2. 2020 Beirut explosion - Wikipedia › wiki › 2020_Beirut_explosion

    4 days ago · According to Lloyd's List, the Beirut port authority seized the ship on 4 February 2014, due to US$100,000 in unpaid bills. The ship had accrued port fees and been fined for refusing cargo. [29] [22] Lawyers argued for the crew's repatriation on compassionate grounds, because of the danger posed by the cargo still aboard the ship, and an Urgent ...

    • 4 August 2020
    • 7,500+
  3. Beirut Governorate - Wikipedia › wiki › Beirut_Governorate

    5 days ago · Beirut Governorate is a diverse governorate containing many religions in a tiny geography. These numbers are a representation of the number of voters in Beirut who are eligible to vote only.

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  5. Beirut - Wikipedia › wiki › Beirut

    3 days ago · Geografia fisica Territorio. Beirut è una città costiera situata nel bacino orientale del mar Mediterraneo, ai piedi della catena montuosa che attraversa il Libano.Essa si sviluppa su una piccola penisola leggermente collinare che si estende verso ovest nel mare e sulle colline verso sud-est.

    • Jamal Itani
    • Libano
  6. Beirut - Wikipedia › wiki › Beirut

    Mar 21, 2021 · Beirut (in àrabu: بيروت‎, Bayrūt; in frantzesu Beyrouth) est sa capitale de su Lìbanu, de chi est sa tzitade prus manna e portu printzipale. Beirut tenet una populatzione de unos 1,2 milliones de persones (2,1 annanghende·nche is trighìngios), e est su tzentru cummertziale, bancàriu e finantzieri de su Lìbanu.

  7. Lebanon - Wikipedia › wiki › Lebanon

    1 day ago · Lebanon's history since independence has been marked by alternating periods of political stability and prosperity based on Beirut's position as a regional center for finance and trade, interspersed with political turmoil and armed conflict (1948 Arab–Israeli War, Lebanese Civil War 1975–1990, 2005 Cedar Revolution, 2006 Lebanon War, 2007 ...

  8. 2020 Beirut explosion - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › 2020_Beirut_explosion

    Apr 04, 2021 · On 4 August 2020, an explosion happened in the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The blast happened at the Port of Beirut and left at least 215 people dead (with the total expected to go higher), at least 7,500 injured, and many more missing. The Governor of Beirut, Marwan Abboud, said over 300,000 people lost their homes.

    • 4 August 2020
    • 6,500+
  9. 1983 Beirut barracks bombings - Wikipedia › wiki › 1983_Beirut_barracks_bombings

    6 days ago · A Beirut Memorial Room at the USO in Jacksonville, North Carolina has also been created. [153] The Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center , the site of Chaplain Corps training for the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force at Fort Jackson , Columbia, South Carolina , includes the partially destroyed sign from the Beirut barracks chapel as a memorial to those ...

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    From Arabic بَيْرُوت‎ (bayrūt), from Phoenician 𐤁𐤓𐤕‎ (brt /Berot, Birut/).


    1. enPR: bā-ro͞otʹ, IPA(key): /beɪˈɹuːt/ 2. Hyphenation: Bei‧rut 3. Rhymes: -uːt

    Proper noun

    Beirut 1. The capital city of Lebanon. 2. The drinking game of beer pong.

    Proper noun

    Beirut 1. Beirut (the capital city of Lebanon)


    1. IPA(key): /baɪ̯ˈʁuːt/, /ˈbaɪ̯ˌʁuːt/

    Proper noun

    Beirut n (genitive Beiruts) 1. Beirut (the capital city of Lebanon)

    Proper noun

    Beirut ? 1. Beirut (the capital city of Lebanon)

    Proper noun

    Beirut n (genitive Beiruts) 1. Beirut (the capital city of Lebanon)

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