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      • Berengaria of Navarre ( Basque : Berengela, Spanish: Berenguela , French: Bérengère; c. 1165–1170 – 23 December 1230) was Queen of England as the wife of Richard I of England.,as%20the%20wife%20of%20Richard%20I%20of%20England.
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    Berengaria of Navarre (Basque: Berengela, Spanish: Berenguela, French: Bérengère; c. 1165–1170 – 23 December 1230) was queen of England as the wife of Richard I of England. She was the eldest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre and Sancha of Castile. As is the case with many of the medieval English queens, relatively little is known of her life.

  2. Berengaria of Navarre: Queen Consort to Richard I

    Jan 20, 2020 · Berengaria was the daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre, called Sancho the wise, and Blanche of Castile. Richard I of England had been betrothed to Princess Alice of France, sister of King Phillip IV. But Richard's father, Henry II, had made Alice his mistress, and church rules, therefore, forbid the marriage of Alice and Richard.

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    Berengaria was the princess who became Queen Consort of one of history’s most famous Kings; Richard I the Lionhearted. Perhaps because she was overshadowed by her husband, very little is known of the queen who ‘never set foot in England’. Birth and Early Life

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    Aug 03, 2020 · Little is known about Berengaria, daughter of the king of Navarre, whose arranged marriage to the Plantagenet Richard I – king of England between 1189 and 1199, leader of the Third Crusade and a...

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    As the legend recounts, the famous King married his wife, Berengaria, in 1191 AD and crowned her as the Queen of England at the Limassol Castle. People have preserved the legend of Berengaria and Richard until today, even if there are no historical evidence to prove that the royal marriage took place in that specific place.

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    Sep 04, 2014 · Berengaria of Navarre, Queen of England. By Susan Abernethy. Of the many princesses available as a bride for Richard the Lionheart, King of England, Berengaria of Navarre was chosen to be his queen. There were two reasons for this choice. The first was for the usual dynastic purpose of having an heir.

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    Berengaria Of England's parents: Berengaria Of England's father was Edward Longshanks, King Of England Berengaria Of England's mother was Queen Consort Eleanor Of England.

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    Berengaria and Richard were married on May 12, 1191, at the Chapel of St George at Limassol on Cyprus, she was crowned Queen of England the same day by the Archbishop of Bordeaux and Bishops of Évreux and Bayonne. She travelled on to Acre in Palestine with Richard and accompanied him for the first part of the crusade.

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    Jul 27, 2015 · Berengaria of Navarre was born between 1165 and 1170 as the eldest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre and Sancha of Castile. She was probably named after her maternal grandmother Berengaria of Barcelona. Berengaria suffers the same fate as many medieval women; we simply have little information about her.

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    Berengaria was born either in 1179 or 1180, in Burgos. She was the eldest daughter of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Eleanor of England. She was the sister of Mafalda and Henry I of Castile and was named in honor of Alfonso VIII's grandmother. Those who cared for the young infanta were generously rewarded.

    • 6 June – 31 August 1217
    • Henry I