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  1. Bernard de Jussieu was born in Lyon. He took a medical degree at Montpellier and began practice in 1720, [1] but finding the work uncongenial he gladly accepted his brother's invitation to Paris in 1722, when he succeeded Sebastien Vaillant (1669–1722) as sub-demonstrator of plants in the Jardin des Plantes. [2]

  2. Bernard de Jussieu, (born Aug. 17, 1699, Lyon—died Nov. 6, 1777, Paris), French botanist who founded a method of plant classification based on the anatomical characters of the plant embryo. After studying medicine at Montpellier, he became in 1722 subdemonstrator of plants in the Jardin du Roi, Paris.

  3. Bernard de Jussieu. 1699-1777. French physician-botanist who was one of three brothers, all botanists, The brothers along with their descendants made major contributions to the field of plant science over at least four generations. Bernard accompanied his elder brother Antoine on a botanizing expedition to Spain in 1716.

  4. Bernard de Jussieu (1699-1777) earned a medical degree in 1720. Along with Antoine-Laurent (1748-1836), nephew of Bernard, and Adrien-Henri (1797-1853), son of Antoine, they formed a family of French botanists. Bernard soon gave up medicine to work at the Jardin de Plantes in Paris.

  5. Nov 6, 2020 · Bernard de Jussieu The Natural Taxonomist November 6, 1777 Today is the anniversary of the death of the French naturalist and botanist Bernard Jussieu. We remember Bernard for developing the first natural classification of flowering plants.

  6. Bernard de Jussieu (né à Lyon le 17 août 1699 et mort à Paris le 6 novembre 1777) est un botaniste français . Biographie [ modifier | modifier le code] Statue de Bernard de Jussieu présentée au jardin botanique de Lyon. Bernard, frère d' Antoine et de Joseph de Jussieu, commence ses études au collège jésuite de Lyon, puis les poursuit à Paris.

  7. Nov 6, 2019 · Today is the anniversary of the death of the French naturalist and botanist Bernard de Jussieu who died on this day in 1777. Jussieu was a French botanist who developed the first natural classification of flowering plants. Today, there's a metro station near the botanical garden in Paris that is named in honor of the Jussieu family - which ...

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