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  1. Bernhard Caesar Einstein. Bernhard Caesar Einstein (10 September 1930 – 30 September 2008) was a Swiss-American engineer, the son of Hans Albert Einstein. Of the three known biological grandchildren of Albert Einstein, all sons of Hans, he was the only one to survive childhood. After attending UC Berkeley and ETH Zurich, Bernard worked as an ...

  2. Physicist. He held 4 patents in light amplification technology. Only Known surviving biological grandchild of Albert Einstein. He was born in Switzerland. His family would migrate to South Carolina, United States of America at the urging of his Grandfather when he was 8. Bernhard enlisted in the United States Army in...

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    Bernard Einstein was the son of Hans Albert Einstein and Frieda Einstein (née Knecht), who had married in 1927 in Switzerland. Bernard Einstein was born on July 10, 1930 in Dortmund, Germany, where Hans Albert was involved in a bridge building project. Hans Albert was the only one of Albert Einstein's three children to marry and have children. Hans Albert's sister, Lieserl Einstein, is assumed to have died in infancy, although it has been suggested that she was given up for adoption. Their younger brother Eduard developed severe schizophreniain early adulthood and died at age 55, and had no children. Bernard's brother, Klaus, was born in 1932 and died at age 6 of diphtheria in Clemson, South Carolina, United States. Frieda had two more sons that died in early infancy. Eventually Hans Albert and Frieda adopted a girl, Evelyn, shortly after she was born in 1941. One year after Frieda died in 1958, Hans Albert married Elizabeth Roboz, a neurochemist. Bernard spent his early years in Sw...

    Bernard was not a serious student in high school, or even in his first two years of college at University of California at Berkeley. He excelled only in German language at UC. He enlisted in the US Army in 1954. He finished basic training at Fort Ord, near Monterey, California, and was stationed in southern Germany, where he met his first wife, Doris Aude Ascher, whom he married in 1954. Bernard credited the army for giving him self-discipline, and after discharge he applied and was admitted to ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) in Zürich, Switzerland. He followed in both his grandfather's and his father's footsteps to study physics at ETH. He recounted that he was most influenced by Professor Pauli, a colleague of Albert Einstein, whom he had met earlier as a boy in his grandfather's company. Pauli taught him quantum physics, a subject Bernard would return to later in life. When he obtained his diploma at ETH Bernard returned to the United States and worked as an engineer for Te...

    Terry Kirby. Grandson tells of life with Einstein. The Independent, 8 November 2005.
    Michele Zackheim. Einstein — Children of a Lesser God: For The Offspring Of A Science Deity, The Legacy Is More Burden Than Blessing. Discovermagazine, March 2008, published online February 12, 200...
    Biography - Thomas Einstein, M.D., Anesthesiologist. website, retrieved 2009-07-16. (blocked website)
  3. May 23, 2018 · Bernhard Caesar Einstein (From Wikipedia) Born July 10, 1930, Germany. Died September 30, 2008 (aged 78), USA. Ethnicity European. Citizenship Switzerland, USA

    • July 10, 1930
    • Yigal Burstein
    • Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Physicist
  4. Bernard Caesar Einstein was a German-born Swiss-American physicist, the son of Hans Albert Einstein. Of the four known biological grandchildren of Albert Ein...

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    • Albert Einstein. Crazy-hair guy. Best known for gracing the walls of every college dorm in the Western world, and for his work on the piezoelectric effect in crystals, which is what he got his Nobel Prize for.
    • Bernhard Einstein. Bernhard Caesar Einstein was the only grandchild of Albert to survive childhood and father children of his own. He died in 2008, but a few of his five children can still be found here and there around the world.
    • Thomas Einstein. Dr. Thomas Einstein doesn't include this little gem in his online profile, but he's Albert Einstein's great-grandson. He graduated from medical school and now runs an outpatient surgery clinic in the Los Angeles area.
    • Paul Einstein. Another great-grandson of the great man is doing exactly what you'd expect the great-grandson of a European physicist to be doing. Paul Einstein is a classical violinist living in the south of France.
  5. Answer (1 of 4): The last known surviving biological grandchild of Einstein was Bernhard Caesar Einstein. He lived from July 10, 1930 – September 30, 2008, so there is no answer to your question, probably.

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