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    Biography Early years. Born near Settimo Pavese, Bianca Maria was the illegitimate daughter of Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan and last of the Visconti rulers, and Agnese del Maino, the only person the shy, secluded Filippo ever loved.

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    Bianca Maria Visconti was the only child of the duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, and his mistress Agnes del Maino. When she was about nine years old, Filippo betrothed her to his ally, the Italian noble Francesco Sforza, whom she married in 1441. Bianca had six children with Francesco.

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    Oct 15, 2019 ยท The apartment is located a few steps from the St. Augustine (Green Line-2 stops from Cadorna station) and famous ZONA TORTONA. The Stazione di Milano Cadorna is the head of the suburban railway lines S3 and S4 and it is the terminus of the regional trains for Como, Varese, Canzo, Novara, and the connection with Malpensa Airport (Malpensa Express).

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    Filippo Maria Visconti, Herzog von Mailand (3rd), born on 23 September 1392, died on 13 August 1447, 54 years old Relationship to Agnes del Maino , died after 13 August 1447

  6. Bianca Maria Visconti was Duchess of Milan from 1450 to 1468. She was one of the famous women in history in the era, which was dominated by soldiers of fortune, sovereigns, wars and fights.

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    Bianca Maria Visconti visits Ferrara Bianca Maria's visit in Ferrara (text is in progress) Daniela Pizzagalli ( here in Interview; Italian language ) is the author of Tra due dinastie (1988), also known with the title La signora de Milano ( review here; Italian language ), a biography of Bianca Maria Visconti.

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    Bianca Maria sangat marah ketika ia mendengar kehancuran yang diderita wilayah-wilayah Visconti di Milan setelah kematian Filippo. Bianca Maria dan Francesco berbaris menuju Milan dengan 4,000 ksatria dan 2,000 infanteri, ketika Republik Ambrosia yang baru lahir di bawah ancaman invasi Venesia, menawarkan Francesco gelar Kapten Jenderal.

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    Visconti governmental institutions survived into the 18th century, and, although the Visconti name disappeared with Bianca Maria, Visconti blood was transmitted through the female line to the great dynasties of Europe: the Valois of France, the Habsburgs of Austria and Spain, and the Tudors of England.

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    Ippolita Maria Sforza (18 April 1446- 20 August 1484), Duchess of Calabria, was a member of the powerful Italian condottieri Sforza family which ruled the Duchy of Milan from 1450 until 1535. She was the first wife of Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, who later reigned as King Alfonso II of Naples.[1]