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  1. Big Dick became known for his powerhouse finisher, the Total Penetration, a double arm chokeslam into a tigerbomb, as well as his dangerous habit of attacking fans at ringside. Soon, the Dudley Family grew, including Buh Buh Ray , D-Von , Snot , Spike , and Dances with Dudley , creating a very dangerous family.

  2. Dudley Dudley was known for his deep voice and strange laugh during interviews, and had the distinction of being "the only pure Dudley" - while all the Dudleys allegedly had (the apocryphal) Big Daddy Dudley as a common father, Dudley Dudley was the only Dudley who had (the equally fictitious) Momma Dudley as a mother.

  3. Big Nate is an American comic strip written and illustrated by Lincoln Peirce and distributed by NEA since January 7, 1991. The strip revolves around an eleven-year-old named Nate Wright, a radical rebel in the sixth grade, his school friends, teachers, and his enemies. It has eight spin-off novels, which were published from 2010 to 2016, as well as an animated adaption by Nickelodeon set to ...