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  1. DXC Technology was founded in 2017 when the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) spun off its Enterprise Services business and merged it with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). At the time of its creation, DXC Technology had revenues of $25 billion, employed 170,000 people and operated in 70 countries.

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  2. 6 days ago · Hewlett disagrees, due to the political affiliations of both Gant and Curcio. “I do think, given the political persuasion, of the people presenting the bill.

  3. San Francisco School Board Votes To Change Names of 44 ... › section-2 › san-francisco

    6 days ago · Bill Hewlett 36. Hunter S. Thompson 37. Kenneth Rexroth 38. Abraham Zellerbach 39. Robert Grabhorn 40. Harry Bridges 41. Josef Strauss 42. Upton Sinclair 43. Ursula K ...

  4. Santa Clara County, California - Wikipedia › wiki › San_Jose_County

    5 days ago · While other ranchers refused, tech pioneers Bill Hewlett and David Packard allowed Coletto and state biologists to translocate the initial 32 tule elk from the Owens Valley in the eastern Sierra onto the 28,000-acre (11,000 ha) San Felipe Ranch, which the families jointly own, in the hills east of Morgan Hill.

  5. Peraton names leaders for after Perspecta deal closes ... › blogs › editors-notebook

    6 days ago · 1105 Media, Inc. 8251 Greensboro Drive, Suite 510 McLean, VA 22102 703-876-5100 Insider Customer Service 800-353-9118 or email

  6. DXC Technology - Wikipedia › wiki › DXC_Technology

    5 days ago · DXC Technology was founded in 2017 when the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) spun off its Enterprise Services business and merged it with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). At the time of its creation, DXC Technology had revenues of $25 billion, employed 170,000 people and operated in 70 countries.

    • April 3, 2017; 4 years ago
    • Tysons, Virginia, United States
    • 138,000 (March 2020)
    • US$19.58 billion (2020)
  7. Former Hewlett Fire Department Chief William Lahey, 87, dies ... › fivetowns › stories

    3 days ago · The Hewlett department posted a tribute to Lahey on its Facebook page on Jan. 9. “Affectionately known as ‘Big Bill’ by department members, he was respected by the entire Hewlett Fire ...

  8. Top 15 Largest Multinational Companies in India (Leading in 2021) › blog › top-mncs-in-india

    5 days ago · Founder:David Packard, Bill Hewlett Hewlett Packard was started in 1939 and their central office in Palo Alto, California. HP is a technology company that has branches in more than 170 countries.

  9. David Morken’s faith in fiber grows Raleigh-based Bandwidth ... › david-morkens-faith-in-fiber
    • Religious Roots
    • A Million-Dollar Offer
    • The Evolution of Bandwidth
    • Getting Google
    • Beyond A Phone Company
    • Going Public

    Morken was born in Los Angeles 50 years ago into a family of faith. His missionary grandparents barely made it out of the Indonesian island of Sumatra after Pearl Harbor. His paternal grandfather, the Rev. David Enoch Morken, accompanied a young Billy Graham during a mission to soldiers in Korea in 1952. Morken’s father, Hubert, was a professor of religion and politics at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa in the 1980s, where David went to college. David had just gained admission to Notre Dame Law School when Operation Desert Storm began in 1991. TV images from the war made an impression on Morken, who joined the Marines and attended Officer Candidate School. “I graduated [from Oral Roberts] in May,” Morken recalls, “ went to Quantico for 10 weeks, got out in August and a week later I’m sitting in the front row of Constitutional Law with a shaved head at Notre Dame, a second lieutenant.” As he was finishing law school, Morken encountered the technology that would shape his career and...

    The business model was simple: Companies were looking for faster internet connections, and when they plugged the word “bandwidth” into search engines, Morken’s website came up. Big telecom companies would pay Morken a cut of deals he sent them. At the time, Morken, his wife and children shared one side of a rented duplex with his parents. “I was making phone calls from a clothes closet so you [couldn’t] hear my 1-year-old screaming in the next room.” Morken knew the modest early success wouldn’t last as bandwidth became a commodity, but in the beginning it paid the bills. After one month, he caught a break. Forbesdecided to write a story about him. “The day before the article comes out, I’m under my desk praying. ‘Lord, I need a business partner. I can’t carry this pack alone.’” After the article appeared in September 1999, the closet phone started ringing. Gary Winnick, billionaire founder of network giant Global Crossing Holdings Ltd., offered Morken $1 million for the domain name...

    Recall the million-dollar offer from Winnick? “I sat with Chrishelle, my bride, and said, ‘I think God wants us to build this company.’ And she said, ‘I agree, let’s do it.’” But what kind of company? The 1.0 version of Bandwidth — matching broadband customers with big telephone companies — wasn’t enough. “At first I was just generating leads,” Morken says. “I would never know if anything closed. I had to depend on a sales rep at AT&T to confirm: ‘Did you close?’ “So that was a key moment, to go from just generating a lead … to being a sales organization, then a sales and support organization, and billing, and ultimately I built our own network.” In 2003, the company began buying bandwidth in bulk from large carriers and reselling it to corporate customers. The significance was that Bandwidth had the relationships with customers, or as Kaestner put it, “Now we had paper on the deal. “So we loved that model. We went from an average of probably 12% [margins] to around 18-20%. A signif...

    By now, Bandwidth had grown from a small office outside RTP with 10 employees and Morken and Kaestner sitting across a desk working the phones all day long to a building in Cary on Weston Parkway. In the earliest days, Kaestner led sales, and Morken handled product delivery. Kaestner was a major reason Bandwidth survived its first decade, Morken says. “He is going to change the status quo in an early-stage company where everything is uncertain, and you must knock down every obstacle.” Kaestner would step down as CEO in 2009 to launch a private-equity fund focusing on faith-driven entrepreneurs. Morken’s Notre Dame classmate, Murdock, joined Bandwidth, initially as general counsel to oversee dealings with carriers and state and federal regulators that were required to set up a national footprint. Bandwidth’s timing was good because major internet giants such as Google and Microsoft needed help integrating software and telecom. As Murdock put it, “Silicon Valley [was] getting into voi...

    When Bandwidth built out its network a decade ago, it was unknowingly developing a communications platform that would transform it from a phone company into a software business. Companies desired to communicate instantly with customers through voice, text messages or other applications. Rover wanted pet owners to easily — but cautiously — contact a prospective dog sitter by a voice call or text message. “You might look at someone’s references,” says Adam Covati, Bandwidth’s head of research and development. “You might decide you want to call them. And you’re not sure you want to do business with this person. So what happens is, you’ll call an intermediary number, and the person who receives the call will receive the call from that intermediary number. “You guys only know that number. You don’t know each other. And you have that conversation. Now, you may choose not to work with that person and you don’t want them harassing you.” So the phone number goes away. But it was more complic...

    While it had raised $4.75 million in “friends and family” capital in 2005, Bandwidth didn’t secure its first major round of outside money until 2011. Charlotte-based Carmichael Partners, run by Bailey and former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin, put up $22 million to help Bandwidth buy a Colorado-based 911 provider. Bailey is a former managing partner at Carousel Capital Partners LLC in Charlotte, while Martin is now Facebook’s vice president for U.S. public policy. “We believed that over time … software would disrupt the industry,” Bailey says. The big carriers weren’t going away but were “going to get nibbled at consistently for the next 10 years, 20 years, 50 years,” he says. Bandwidth was doing its share of the nibbling. Revenue of $2.5 million in 2003 expanded to more than $204 million by 2018. It’s profitable growth, unlike some other players in the CPaaS space. Shares of rival San Francisco-based Twilio have risen nearly 10 times since a 2016 initial pu...

  10. The Ingraham Angle Town Hall: Red State Trailblazers ... › details › FOXNEWSW_20210430_020000_The

    6 days ago · oh, boy. >> next batter, next pitch, hit him, too. next week i'll interview caitlyn jenner. gavin newsome recalled. can a republican win? >> laura: and this is a special "the ingraham angle" town hall. since the pandemic began, states led by republican governors have far outpaced those led by the democratic counter parts. i'm talking from the lowest unemployment rates to the highest gdp growth ...

  11. View Pay Tax Bills Online - Town of Hempstead › view-pay-tax-bills-online

    6 days ago · If you prefer to pay your current tax bill by telephone using a credit card or electronic check, please call eGOv Strategies at 1-833-378-1236. Payment by credit card will incur a convenience fee of 2.3% of your total tax payment.

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