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  1. Dec 29, 2022 · black bear, ( Ursus americanus ), also called American bear or American black bear, the most common bear (family Ursidae), found in the forests of North America, including parts of northern Mexico. The American black bear consists of only one species and 16 subspecies. Its colour varies, however, even among members of the same litter.

  2. The American black bear (Ursus americanus), also known as the black bear or sometimes baribal, is a medium-sized bear endemic to North America. It is the continent's smallest and most widely distributed bear species. American black bears are omnivores, with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location. They typically live in largely forested areas, but will leave forests in search of food, and are sometimes attracted to human communities due to the immediate availability of food.

  3. Black bears are North America's most familiar and common bears. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps. Despite their name,...

  4. Black bears are one of the largest predators living in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but the majority of their diet is made up of plants. Eighty-five percent of a Great Smoky Mountains black bear’s diet comes from berries and nuts. Black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains also eat insects and animal carcasses when they are available.

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    Black bears live throughout most of North America, including northern Mexico. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, even sleeping in trees during the summer. They’re...

  6. Black bear facts 1. American black bears are found in Canada , Mexico and North America. 2. They mostly eat grasses, herbs and fruit, but will sometimes eat other things, including fish. 3. The black bear’s coat has lots of layers of shaggy fur, which keeps it warm in cold winter months. 4.

  7. Black bears are strong and muscular with record weights over 800 pounds. Male black bears typically weigh between 130 and 500 pounds, while smaller females weigh 90 to 350 pounds. What bears do & where they go Seasons of the Bear Black bears are awake from spring through fall, and mostly asleep in winter, curled up in dens.

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