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  1. Blanche [ blanch, blahnch ] SHOW IPA noun a female given name: ultimately from a Germanic word meaning “white.” QUIZ Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up. Good luck! Question TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT Words nearby Blanche

  2. : to become white or pale (as from shock or fear) His face blanched with horror. often used figuratively to describe a reaction of shock or dismay that makes someone unwilling or reluctant to proceed Civilians also saw benefits to the system but blanched when talk then included references to $300-plus user fees.

  3. Blanche: With Pascale Bussières, Serge Martineau, Robert Brouillette, Marina Orsini. Blanche, daughter of Emilie Bordeleau, leaves her small French-Canadian town and large family to go and live with her married sister and study medicine in Montreal, Canada. As it is the early 1930's, women are not allowed to become doctors and practice medicine.

  4. Apr 8, 2020 · Blanching is a food preparation technique in which food is briefly immersed in hot liquid, like boiling water or oil, often but not always as a prelude to cooking it further. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the foods that are most frequently blanched, each for different reasons.

  5. The name Blanche is girl's name of French origin meaning "white". Blanche, which originated as a nickname for a pale blonde and then became associated with the notion of purity, was in style a century ago, ranking in the double digits until 1920. She then had to fight the stereotype of faded Southern belle, a la Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire and Blanche Devereaux in TV's Golden Girl s.

  6. Carte blanche is much like a blank check. In French, carte means "document" and blanche means "blank," so the phrase means "blank document." English retained that literal meaning: a carte blanche was a blank document signed in advance by one party and given to the other with permission to fill in conditions later.

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    Blanche (Guinea), an island in the Îles de Los; Blanche Harbor, in the Solomon Islands; Blanche River (Lake Timiskaming), in Canada; Other uses. HMS Blanche, various Royal Navy ships; SS Blanche (1863), an iron steamship; Blanche (Paris Métro) Blanche (band), an alternative-country band; Blanche, a 1971 French drama film by Walerian Borowczyk

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