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    The Boiling Lake is a flooded fumarole located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a World Heritage site on the island of Dominica. The lake, located 6.5 miles (10.5 km) east of Dominica's capital Roseau, is filled with bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapour.

    • Dominica
    • c. 60 m (200 ft)
    • Morne Trois Pitons National Park
    • 800 m (2,600 ft)
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    The second-largest of its kind in the world, Boiling Lake is a flooded fumarole from a volcano in the area known as the Valley of Desolation — words that seem to describe life on another planet but which perfectly capture what you’ll find if you’re daring enough. 200 feet wide and its depth unknown, the lake is enveloped by swirling clouds of vapor and resembles a cauldron of furiously bubbling greyish-blue water superheated from the molten magma below the surface of the surrounding rock.

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    At Boiling lake, the trail to Hoodoo pass is now signed and seems more used than in the past. Evergreen Mountain Bike alliance has put up trail signs at most of the trail junctions in the area. A little south of Hoodoo pass we headed off trail up to the ridge line to the west.

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    Perhaps the most noteworthy fact about the Boiling Lake remains its quite impressive status. That’s because the wonder of Nature ranks as the second-largest hot lake in the world. In addition, it i...
    It also has an impressive recent history. This holds true due to the fact that the first ever recorded sighting of this geological marvel occurred in 1870. This was carried out by Edmund Watt and H...
    Not only does the aptly-named Boiling Lake remain extremely unique, but it holds another notable claim. That’s because its location also ranks as somewhat remote. In point of fact, the nearest road...
    Interestingly, the site also stays fairly active. Due to this, it will occasionally drain, and even form geyser-like fountains of hot water and steam. Occasionally, it will even empty and refill am...

    Firstly, the dimensions of the Boiling Lake remain constantly variable. This occurs largely due to local conditions. Typically mild phreatic eruptions in the region occur periodically. Understandably, these dramatically affect the level of the small lake. However, its diameter maintains a fairly regular size range. As a result, it averages between 200-250 ft (61-76 m) across. The depth of the lake naturally also varies. However, an average depth has been determined to be about 195 ft (59 m). In addition, the color of the water of Boiling Lake also frequently varies. These stunning hues change, sometimes becoming green. But these remarkable colors usually range from grayish-blue to bright blue. In addition, the temperature of the body of water generally ranges between 180-197 F (82-92 C). Further, this flooded fumarole sits amid jagged, rather formidable outcroppings of rock. These dangerous features themselves average approximately 100 ft (30 m) in height. In addition to the ever-pr...

    The beautiful yet dangerous Boiling Lake sits about 6.5 mi (10.5 km) east of the town of Roseau. This town lies in the country of Dominica, near South America. Consequently, the site not only has the distinction of being remote, but the surrounding terrain also presents extremely rugged conditions. Furthermore, the water of the lake itself originates from two separate sources. These consists of typically plentiful rainfall and two small streams that flow into the site. As a result of this inflow, the incoming water becomes super-heated by proximity to the underlying magma chamber. However, the remarkable appearance of the hot water itself remains independent of the heating action. This occurs because various combinations of minerals in the water create the color. Being rather porous in nature, the surrounding rocks also allow the water to escape rapidly when the nearby volcanic activity interrupts the regular inflow.

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    The first recorded sighting of the Lake was in 1870 by Mr. Watt and Dr. Nicholls, two Englishmen working in Dominica at that time. In 1875, Mr. H. Prestoe, a government botanist, and Dr. Nicholls were commissioned to investigate this natural phenomenon. They measured the water temperature and found it to range from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit (82 91.5 Celsius) along the edges, but could not measure the temperature at the centre where the Lake is actively boiling. They recorded the depth to be greater than 195ft (59m).

    A later report indicated that apparently the water level of the lake dropped and a geyser developed in the lakes centre. The geyser spewed water and mud to 60ft (18m) and higher, building a pumice cone at its base and filling the bottom of the lake. A photograph taken in 1895 when the Boiling Lake was dry showed the water level 30-50 feet below the water line. In April 1988, the lake stopped boiling. intermittently, and the level dropped by 29 feet. It has since returned to its normal conditions.

    The trail itself is around eight miles. Officially its around a three-hour walk each way, and that amount of time should be allowed for; do not start the hike after midday. The going is not, in horse racing terms, Good to Firm. Extremely Muddy describes it better. Which leads into cardinal rule number two: wear your scruffiest clothes. The problem is that few people travel on their dream holiday to the Caribbean with the kind of clothes theyd mow the lawn in or paint the house. Nethertheless, Ive seen many good (brand new, even) training shoes totally ruined by a trip to The Lake. Good walking boots are best, but any firm & comfortable shoe should suffice. The Lake is reached by a 2  4 hour walk from the village of Laudat.

  7. Hiking Boiling Springs Lake Trail - Lassen Volcanic National ... › hiking_boiling_springs_lake

    Apr 09, 2019 · A number of steam vents are located under Boiling Springs Lake, keeping the temperature of the lake around 125 degrees. The mudpots on the southeast shore are among the best in the park. The trail crosses a meadow and then goes through forest to the lake and around it.

  8. Boiling Lake – Delices, Dominica - Atlas Obscura › places › boiling-lake

    And while “boiling hot” is a common phrase used for hyperbole, visitors should not test the veracity of this claim – drinking or bathing in this water will result in death, or at least severe...

  9. The Boiling Lake of Dominica - Charismatic Planet › boiling-lake

    Apr 08, 2016 · The Boiling Lake is flooded fumarole 10.5 km east of Roseau Dominica. The lake is filled with bubbling greyish blue water, normally enveloped in a cloud of vapor. The Boiling Lake is approximately 200 feet to 250 feet across, 2,300 feet above sea level. The lake water is often forced 3 feet above normal pressure of escaping gases.

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