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  1. Bolesław I of Masovia - Wikipediaław_I_of_Masovia

    Bolesław I of Masovia (Polish: Bolesław I Mazowiecki; 1208 – ca. 25 February 1248), was Polish prince member of the Polish House of Piast, Duke of Sandomierz (only a part) during 1229-1232, Duke of Dobrzyń during 1233-1247 and Duke over whole Masovia during 1247-1248. He was the second son of Konrad I of Masovia and Agafia of Rus.

    • 1208
    • Gertrude of Silesia, Anastasia Alexandrovna of Belz
  2. Boleslaw Mazovia - Historical records and family trees ...

    Bolesław I of Masovia was born in 1208, to Konrad I of Masovia and Agafia of Rus. Bolesław passed away in 1248, at age 40. Boleslaw III Prince of Plock Mazovia, Circa 1322 - 1341 Boleslaw III Prince of Plock Mazovia 1322 1341

  3. Bolesław II of Masovia - Wikipediaław_II_of_Masovia

    Bolesław II of Masovia or Bolesław II of Płock (pl: Bolesław II mazowiecki (płocki); ca. 1253/58 – 20 April 1313), was a Polish prince member of the House of Piast, Duke of Masovia during 1262-1275 jointly with his brother, since 1275 sole ruler over Płock, since 1294 ruler over all Masovia and Duke of Kraków and Sandomierz during 1288-1289.

  4. Bolesław Mazowiecki - Historical records and family trees ...ław_mazowiecki

    Bolesław I mazowiecki, Boleslavas I, Bolesław I was born in 1208, to Konrad I of Masovia, Konradas I, Konrad I Mazowiecki of Masovia, Mazovietis, Piast-Mazowiecki and Agafia, Svyatoslavna, Agafija, Svetoslavovna, Agafia, Światosławówna, Агафья Святославовна of Rus.

  5. prince Konrad I of Masovia (House of Piast) (1187 - 1247 ...

    Konrad I of Masovia (Polish: Konrad I Mazowiecki; 1187? – 1247), son of Casimir II and Helen of Moravia, was the 6th Duke of Masovia. After his father's death in 1194, Konrad was brought up by his mother. In 1199 he received Masovia and in 1202, Kuyavia.

  6. Duke of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Duke of Masovia (Polish: Książę Mazowsza) was a title born by the sons and descendants of the Polish Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth.In accordance with the last will and testament of Bolesław, upon his death his lands were divided into four to five hereditary provinces distributed among his sons, and a royal province of Kraków reserved for the eldest, who was to be High Duke of all Poland.

  7. Duke of Masovia -

    1125 – 5 January 1173) of the Piast dynasty was Duke of Masovia from 1138 and High Duke of Poland from 1146 until his death. 1162 - d. 1186) was a Polish prince from the Piast dynasty, the Duke of Masovia from 1173 until his death. 1187/88 – 31 August 1247), from the Polish Piast dynasty, was the sixth Duke of Masovia and Kujawy from 1194 until his death as well as High Duke of Poland from ...

  8. Boleslav I de Masovia - Wikipedia

    Boleslav I de Masovia (in polac: Bolesław I Mazowiecki; 1208 - circa 25 de febrer 1248), l'è stait un princep polac member de la dinastia Piast, Duca de Sandomierz (adoma una part, 1229-1232), Duca de Dobrzyń (1233-1247) e Duca de tœta la Masovia intra ol 1247 e ol 1248.

  9. Duchy of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Duchy of Masovia of Bolesław IV Following the death of Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth in 1138, as specified by his testament , the Masovian province was governed by his second son Bolesław IV the Curly , who, after he had expelled his elder half-brother Władysław II , in 1146 became Grand Prince (High Duke) of Poland.

  10. Bolesław já Masovia - Bolesław I of Masovia -ław_I_of_Masovia

    BolesławMasovia ( polský: Boleslava I. Mazowiecki, 1208 - cca 25 února 1248), byl polský kníže členem polského domu Piast, vévoda Sandomierz (pouze část), během 1229-1232, vévoda Dobrzyń během 1233- 1247 a Duke po celé Masovia během 1247-1248.

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