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  1. With Carol Alt, Eric Roberts, Burt Young, Serena Grandi. A girl's father is accidentally murdered during a botched mob hit. The don feels guilty and decides to take care of the girl. She grows up and falls in love with one of his goons. What she doesn't know yet is that he shot her dad.

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    Bride Of Violence (2018) 1.9 (45) Storyline: Dennis and Kate, a young Christian couple who are about to be married, go camping one weekend and run into an escaped ...

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    BRIDE OF VIOLENCE is a dark, indie thriller about a couple who decide to head off camping in the wilderness, only to encounter a psycho in the middle of nowhere who proceeds to torment them. The Christian sub-plot of the movie proves to be an unwelcome distraction and slows this down quite considerably, making it alternatively cheesy and dull.

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    Bride Of Violence Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode "Wilde gives the strongest performance of the three and it's her slow transformation that provides the emotional heart of the film."

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    Oct 11, 2018 · BRIDE OF VIOLENCE tells the story of Dennis and Kate, a young Christian couple, who go camping one weekend only to be abducted by an escaped convict and plagued with apocalyptic visions.

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    Bride of Violence (currently in post-production) has evolved a lot through the years. I originally optioned the short story from a book of Block’s that collected his college works. The first script was only forty pages. It was a straight-up thriller, no horror elements at all.

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    HORROR STORIES: On the Set of Bride of Violence This series is a record of the wild events which took place during the filming of Bride of Violence in early 2017. Story 1: Into the Canyon The location chosen for our movie Bride of Violence was a canyon property thirty...

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    From the story by Lawrence Block, Bride of Violence tells the story of a young Christian couple who go camping one weekend and run into an escaped convict. Isolated in the wilderness, they are tortured and terrorized by this man, while Dennis continues to have apocalyptic visions from the Book of Revelations.

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    Bride of Violence.

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    Although insights on bride price and domestic violence have been explored in Ghana, very little is known about payment of bride price and the justification of sexual violence.