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    3 days ago · Etymology. The province's name was chosen by Queen Victoria, when the Colony of British Columbia (1858–1866), i.e., "the Mainland", became a British colony in 1858. It refers to the Columbia District, the British name for the territory drained by the Columbia River, in southeastern British Columbia, which was the namesake of the pre-Oregon Treaty Columbia Department of the Hudson's Bay Company.

    • None
    • Victoria
  2. Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Wikipedia › wiki › RCMP

    3 days ago · The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Band ( French: La Musique de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada) was the RCMP's central musical ensemble. It was considered one of the best professional bands assembled in Canada. Although it was an official regimental band, the members worked in the band as a secondary job.

    • RCMP/GRC
    • 1 February 1920; 101 years ago
    • 30,092 (2019)
    • Maintiens le droit, (French for "Defend the law")
  3. Canada–United States relations - Wikipedia › wiki › Canada–United_States

    2 days ago · Canada allowed the construction of the Alaska Highway and participated in the building of the atomic bomb. 49,000 Americans joined the RCAF (Canadian) or RAF (British) air forces through the Clayton Knight Committee, which had Roosevelt's permission to recruit in the U.S. in 1940–42.

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  5. Red-tailed hawk - Wikipedia › wiki › Red-tailed_hawk

    3 days ago · The red-tailed hawk is a member of the subfamily Buteoninae, which includes about 55 currently recognized species. Unlike many lineages of accipitrids, which seemed to have radiated out of Africa or south Asia, the Buteoninae clearly originated in the Americas based on fossil records and current species distributions (more than 75% of the extant hawks from this lineage are found in the Americas).

    • B. jamaicensis
    • Buteo
  6. Dolph Lundgren - Wikipedia › wiki › Dolph_Lundgren_filmography

    4 days ago · Principal photography started on 2 February 2014 in Thailand, and wrapped in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; April the same year. [128] [129] The film received a limited theatrical release, followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release on 25 August 2015.

    • Actor, filmmaker, martial artist
    • Hans Lundgren, 3 November 1957 (age 63), Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Medford, Oregon - Wikipedia › wiki › Medford,_Oregon

    3 days ago · The nearest interstate highway is I-5, which runs northwest-southeast through the center of the city. The nearest junctions with other interstate highways are with I-84 in Portland (273 mi or 439 km) and I-80 in Sacramento (309 mi or 497 km). Medford also serves as a junction for Oregon Routes 99, 238, 62, and nearby 140 (6 mi or 9.7 km).

  8. List of Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, 1860 ... › wiki › List_of_Acts_of_the

    3 days ago · This is an incomplete list of Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom for the years 1860–1879.Note that the first parliament of the United Kingdom was held in 1801; parliaments between 1707 and 1800 were either parliaments of Great Britain or of Ireland).

  9. Wikipedia:Fehlende Artikel – Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:Fehlende_Artikel

    3 days ago · Februar 2021. weitere fehlende Artikel findest du unter Wikipedia:Artikelwünsche. Inaktiver - Bob Good - Jay Obernolte - Passeroidea - Kathy Manning - Lisa McClain - Andrew Clyde - Mercedes-Benz H 243 - Tony Gonzales - Troy Nehls - Diana Harshbarger - Stolpersteine in Latium - Liste der Stolpersteine in Griechenland - Liste der Stolpersteine ...

  10. Jun 10, 2021 · British PM hails Biden as 'a big breath of fresh air' Traffic and Construction. 11:00 am, Jun. 10, 2021 Site of fatal crashes two weeks apart, Itasca County intersection confounds authorities.

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