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    Brown Sugar Cookies
    Food Network
    These cookies have a warm toffee note from the brown sugar. Add spices like cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg for another variation.
    Browned-Butter Cookies
    These cookies are easy and delicious. Browning the butter is the key. Prep time includes browning the butter and cooling the butter. Cook time is just the actual baking time.
    Browned New Potatoes
    From The Southern Living Cookbook. A simple and unusual way to prepare potatoes. Crispy with a lovely brown color and a touch of sweetness from molasses. I always use a cast iron skillet. Recipe says it serves 3 to 4 but they go quickly.
    Brown butter pumpkin tart
    I wanted to do pumpkin different this year. I browned to butter to an nutty pecan color brown, the fragrance was enticing and the result divine. Definite keeper.
    Recipe: Gluten-Free Cut-Out Cookies
    The Kitchn
    A recipe for gluten-free sugar cookies, plus icing to decorate them with.
    Classic Sugar Cookies
    Make and share this Classic Sugar Cookies recipe from
    Grandma's Sugar Cookies
    This recipe dates back 100 years in my family and passed down to me from my grandmother, Delilah.
    Gluten-Free Shortbread
    Make and share this Gluten-Free Shortbread recipe from
    Halloween Pumpkin Cut out Cookies
    Halloween Pumpkin Cut Out Cookies are as much fun to make as they are to eat! Share these delicious treats with your little ghosts and goblins this Halloween!