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    The American Planning Association named the Elmwood Village neighborhood in Buffalo one of ten Great Neighborhoods in 2007. Elmwood Village is a pedestrian-oriented, mixed use neighborhood with hundreds of small, locally owned boutiques, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The neighborhood is located to the south of Buffalo State College.

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    The seal of Buffalo, New York. There are about 280,000 people in the city of Buffalo. There are more than a million people in the surrounding area.

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    North Buffalo is a suburb which stretches from the City's border with Kenmore, New York to several neighborhoods to the south with Delaware Park forming the southern border. At its western boundary is Elmwood Avenue. The eastern border is Main Street. The topography of North Buffalo is flat.

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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Buffalo, New York.: Subcategories. This category has the following 22 subcategories, out of 22 total.

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    The municipal flag of Buffalo is the official banner of the city of Buffalo, New York.The navy blue flag contains a large central emblem consisting of the city seal with 13 "electric flashes" (depicted as lightning bolts) and interspaced 5-pointed white stars emanating from it.

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    An Buffalo in usa ka syudad han New York. An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Buffalo, New York

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    On June 4, 2020, amid the George Floyd protests in New York state, police officers from the Buffalo Police Department pushed 75-year-old Martin Gugino during a confrontation in Buffalo's Niagara Square, causing him to fall to the ground which left him bleeding from the ear.

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    Buffalo, New York (City of Buffalo) është një qytet në qarkun Erie të shtetit federal New York, SHBA.Në Buffalo, New York jetojnë 256,902 banorë (2016), dhe dendësia e popullisë është 2568.8 banor/km 2 (6436.2 banorë/sq mi).

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    Buffalo est una tzitade de unos 259.500 bividores de is Istados Unidos de Amèrica, chi s'agatat in s'istadu de New York, in ue est sea de sa Contea de Erie.. Sa bidda fiat fundada in su 1789, e a pustis de s'aberta de su Canale Erie, in su 1825, fiat crèschida meda in presse.

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    Poloha mesta Buffalo v rámci federálneho štátu New York . Wikimedia Commons: Buffalo, New York Webová stránka: Buffalo, NY Portál, ktorého súčasťou je táto stránka: