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  1. Oct 30, 2017 · Bunnyman Vengeance: Directed by Carl Lindbergh. With Diana Prince, Bradley Bundlie, Marshal Hilton, Boriana Williams. The deadly adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final flatulent film in the Bunnyman trilogy.

    • (332)
    • Diana Prince, Debby Gerber, Marshal Hilton
    • Carl Lindbergh
  2. Bunnyman Vengeance Photos View All Photos (16) Movie Info. Bunnyman returns home to his family's haunted house and unleashes his bloodlust. Genre: Horror ...

    • Joel Harley
    • Horror
    • ANOC Productions
  3. The adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final film in the Bunnyman franchise. The man known as Bunnyman returns home to find his family running a haunted house attraction. The family welcomes him home, but soon realizes you cannot domesticate a wild animal.

    • Horror
  4. Oct 24, 2017 · Bunnyman Vengeance was written and directed by Carl Lindbergh (Shadows of the Dead 2004, Bunnyman 2011), and clocks in at approximately 90 minutes. Billed as Horror but reading as Comedy, this is a film with so many things so very wrong that it is hard to figure out where to start – or how anyone could make three of these films!

  5. Bunnyman Vengeance. 1 hr 31 min. TV-MA. Horror. Bunnyman adds plenty of blood and mayhem to his family's haunted house attraction when he returns home to see his dysfunctional folks. DIRECTOR. Carl Lindbergh. STARRING.

    • Carl Lindbergh
    • 91 min
    • Omari Washington
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    The Bunnyman is a tall (6'5") and physically strong man who never takes off his bunny costume, though occasionally he will remove his mask if he needs and/or wants to. The costume The Bunnyman wears progressively gets worn down with each subsequent movie. In the first film, it's in nearly perfect condition, with only a few blood stains on it and the ears stand straight up. In the sequel, it shows plenty of wear by having much more dirt and dried blood on it and he's also gotten rid of the bunny styled gloves, most likely because they were a hassle to grab things with. The ears have started drooping at this point, likely due to the wires inside rusting and breaking. By the final movie, it's moldy and horribly stained due to it never being washed. The ears are completely limp at this point, the wires most likely having been removed. The Bunnyman's face is only seen a few times in the trilogy. The first time it's seen, there's hardly any skin on his head at all and he's completely bald...


    1. Unknown Woman- Torn in half when her top half is chained to a tree by The Bunnyman and the bottom half to his truck and he drives off. 2. Jack- Crushed under a car when The Bunnyman crashes into it while he's working on it. 3. Unknown Man- Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, body shown. 4. Unknown Woman- Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman, body shown. 5. Jennifer- Killed off-camera with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman. 6. Unknown Man- Killed off-screen with a chain...

    The Bunnyman Massacre

    1. Female Middle-School Child- Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by The Bunnyman, body shown. 2. Female Bus-Driver- Shot in the head by The Bunnyman. 3. 11 Middle-School Children- Killed off-camera with a chainsaw by The Bunnyman. 4. Male Middle-School Child- Beaten to death by The Bunnyman's bare hands. 5. Unknown Woman- Smashed against a rock in her sleeping bag by The Bunnyman. 6. Unknown Man- Shot in the head off-screen with a sniper rifle by The Bunnyman. 7. Unknown Woman- Stabbed i...

    Bunnyman Vengeance

    1. Male Child- Beaten to death by The Bunnyman. 2. Melanie- Stabbed in the stomach with a machete thrown by The Bunnyman. 3. Unknown Woman- Impaled with a tent pole thrown by The Bunnyman. 4. Unknown Woman- Killed off-screen with a heavy tire thrown by The Bunnyman. 5. Unknown Woman- Chokes on a live tarantula put on her body by Carl, shot in the head with a shotgun by The Bunnyman. (The tarantula is revealed to have survived.) 6. Unknown Man- Impaled in the throat with the sharpened end of a...

    When The Bunnyman was released in the United States, it was renamed "The Bunnyman Massacre" in the United Kingdom. The sequel was named "The Bunnyman Massacre" in the US and "The Bunnyman Resurrect...
    The Bunnyman is clearly based off the mythological Bunnyman, given the similarities of being a bunny costume wearing murderer that stalks people in the woods. Though, The Bunnyman often prefers to...
    The song playing during The Bunnyman's drug trip in Vengeance is "Machinist of Joy" by Die Krupps.
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