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  1. California Republic - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The California Republic (Spanish: La República de California), or Bear Flag Republic, was an unrecognized breakaway state from Mexico, that for 25 days in 1846 militarily controlled an area north of San Francisco, in and around what is now Sonoma County in California.

  2. California Republic (mixtape) - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · California Republic is the thirteenth mixtape by rapper Game hosted by DJ Skee. The mixtape was released April 5, 2012 in anticipation of Game's upcoming fifth album, and follows the highly successful mixtape Purp and Patron in 2011.

    Producer(s)/Original instrumental
    "God Speed" (featuring Mele)
    The Beat Bully
    "Red Bottom Boss" (featuring Rick Ross)
    "Lord Knows" by Drake
    "The Drill" (featuring Ace Hood and Meek Mill)
    "Hit the J" (featuring Lifestyle)
    Cool & Dre
    • 97:30
    • April 5, 2012
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  4. California - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States.With over 39.3 million residents across a total area of approximately 163,696 square miles (423,970 km 2), it is the most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area, as well as the world's thirty-fourth-most-populous subnational entity.

    • 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km²)
    • 45 Democrats, 6 Republicans, 2 Vacant, (list)
  5. California Republican Party - Wikipedia

    Jan 19, 2021 · The California Republican Party is a "political party that has detailed statutory provisions applicable to its operation", which are in division 7, part 3 of the California Elections Code. The Republican State Central Committee (RSCC), the governing body of the California Republican Party, functions pursuant to its standing rules and bylaws.

  6. California - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    California, officially the State of California, is a state in the western part of the United States. It is the third largest US state by total area (after Alaska and Texas) with 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km 2) and the largest by population with over 39 million people as of 2019.

    • September 9, 1850 (31st)
    • Sacramento
  7. Flag of California - Wikipedia

    Jan 19, 2021 · Switzerland was the home country of John Sutter, who established Sutter's Fort, in the area which would spawn the California Gold Rush and eventually become Sacramento, California's state capital. The original Bear Flag and the republic it symbolized had a brief career, from about June 14 until July 9.

  8. Republic - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · A republic (Latin: res publica, meaning "public affair") is a form of government in which "power is held by the people and their elected representatives". In republics, the country is considered a "public matter", not the private concern or property of the rulers.

  9. San Marino, California - Wikipedia,_California

    5 days ago · The state which grew from the monastery is the world's oldest surviving republic. The seal of the City of San Marino, California is modeled on that of the republic, depicting the Three Towers of San Marino each capped with a bronze plume, surrounded by a heart-shaped scroll with two roundels and a lozenge (of unknown significance) at the top ...

  10. Sacramento Republic FC - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Sacramento Republic FC is an American professional soccer team based in Sacramento, California, that plays in the Western Conference of the USL Championship.Co-founded by Warren Smith and Joe Wagoner in 2012, the team started to play in 2014 at Hughes Stadium, a 20,231 seat stadium.