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  1. Caligula - Wikipedia › wiki › Caligula

    Caligula ( / kəˈlɪɡjʊlə /; 31 August 12 – 24 January 41 AD), formally known as Gaius (Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus), was the third Roman emperor, ruling from 37 to 41. The son of the popular Roman general Germanicus and Augustus 's granddaughter Agrippina the Elder, Caligula was born into the first ruling family of the Roman Empire ...

  2. Caligula (1979) - IMDb › title › tt0080491

    Pagan Rome, 37 A.D. With the reign of the frail, syphilis-ridden, half-mad Emperor Tiberius coming to an end, Prince Gaius Augustus Germanicus, aka Caligula, is summoned to the demented ruler's palace of sin on the island of Capri.

    • (34.2K)
    • Tinto Brass
    • Unrated
    • Malcolm Mcdowell, Peter O'toole, Helen Mirren
  3. Caligula - Horse, Facts & Emperor - HISTORY › topics › ancient-history

    The third of Rome’s emperors, Caligula (formally known as Gaius) achieved feats of waste and carnage during his four-year reign (A.D. 37-41) unmatched even by his infamous nephew Nero.

  4. Caligula | The story of a barbarous Roman Emperor


    Jun 15, 2020 · It was during his stay with his parents on the German frontier, when he was between two and four, that his miniature versions of military sandals (caligae), caused the soldiers to call him Caligula, ‘little sandal’. It was a nickname which remained with him for the rest of his life.

  5. Caligula (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Caligula_(film)

    Caligula (Italian: Caligola) is a 1979 erotic historical drama film focusing on the rise and fall of the eponymous Roman Emperor Caligula. The film stars Malcolm McDowell in the title role, alongside Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, John Steiner and John Gielgud.

  6. Caligula - Accomplishments, Facts & Emperor - Biography › political-figure › caligula

    Dec 01, 2020 · Gaius Caesar, nicknamed Caligula or "Little Boot," succeeded Tiberius as Roman emperor in 37 A.D., and adopted the name Gaius Caesar Germanicus. Records depict him as a cruel and unpredictable...

  7. Disturbed Facts About Caligula, The Mad Emperor › people › 42-disturbed-facts-caligula
    • Little Boots. When young Gaius was growing up, his father would dress him in a child-sized soldier’s uniform whenever he brought him on campaign. As such, the troops took to calling him Caligula, which means “little boots.”
    • Making Enemies Wherever He Goes. Caligula allegedly had a voracious appetite in the bedroom, and as emperor, nobody would defy him. Historians wrote that he would sleep with his own officials’ wives, then brag about it publicly in front of them.
    • Of Little Worth. Historical accounts of Caligula may vary, but nearly all historians agreed on one dark fact: this deranged emperor placed very little value on human life.
    • Tough Mommy. Unlike her weasely son, Caligula’s mother Agrippina the Elder was a famously tough and courageous woman. She went out on campaigns with his father, the beloved general Germanicus, and served as his advisor.
  8. Mission: Caligula (full movie) - YouTube › watch

    What could Tinto Brass' "Director's Cut" of "Caligula" have been like? Alexander Tuschinski's 10 year quest to research Tinto Brass' original ideas for "Cali...

    • 39 min
    • 1.2M
    • Alexander Tuschinski
  9. 10 Insane And Perverse Things Attributed To Caligula ... › crazy-caligula
    • It was a capital offense to mention a goat in his presence. Caligula was tall, slim, and pale with sunken eyes and thinning hair. While his head was bald, his body was extremely hairy, and as a result, he was often the subject of jokes.
    • Lavished excess attention upon his horse Incitatus. Though known for his harsh behavior, Caligula lavished great attention on his horse. This horse named Incitatus was given its own house, a marble house; and an ivory manger.
    • Had incestuous relations with his sisters. As a teenager, Caligula used to live with his great-grandmother, Livia (Augustus’s wife). During this period, he is believed to have developed incestuous relation with his sister, Julia Drusilla.
    • He built a bridge to defy a prophesy. Thrasyllus of Mendes was an astrologer and personnel friend of the second roman emperor Tiberius. He had once predicted that Caligula had “no more chance of becoming emperor than of riding a horse across the Bay of Baiae” indicating the impossibility of such a thing to ever happen.
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