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    Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig ( German: [ˈluːtvɪç]; 29 December 1816 – 23 April 1895) was a German physician and physiologist. His work as both a researcher and teacher had a major influence on the understanding, methods and apparatus used in almost all branches of physiology.

  2. Carl F.W. Ludwig, in full Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig, (born Dec. 29, 1816, Witzenhausen, near Kassel, Hesse-Kassel [Germany]—died April 23, 1895, Leipzig, Ger.), a founder of the physicochemical school of physiology in Germany.

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  3. Carl Ludwig (1816-1895) was the driving force in the foundation and development of scientifically based and experimentally oriented physiology against natural philosophy and vitalism that prevailed during the first quarter of the 19th century in Germany.

  4. Nov 03, 2020 · Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig (1816 – 1895) was a German physician and physiologist. Designed the world’s most advanced experimental laboratory, which has spawned eponyms – both directly and indirectly Described as having intellectual generosity and legendary unselfishness in order to further the careers of his pupils

    • Early Life
    • Education
    • The Invention of The Kymograph
    • Political Liberalism
    • The Blood Gas Pump
    • Later Years

    Carl Ludwig was born in Witzenhausen an der Werra, near Kassel, Germany. His father was the rent master in Witzenhausen, later promoted to the head rent master in Hanau, Friedrich Ludwig (1781-1843), his mother was Christiane Ludwig, née Nagel. After the family moved to Hanau, he attended the Hohe Landesschule, a humanistic grammar school, there fr...

    In Marburg he was relegated at the end of the winter semester 1835/36, because he stood up for a politically persecuted student. From 1836 to 1838 he studied in Erlangen. In the following silence of the surgical school in Bamberg, where he spent the first time of his exile, he thought of something better; 1839 returned to Marburg, he devoted himsel...

    Through Franz Ludwig Fick, the older brother of Adolf Fick, he got a job as 2nd prosector at the Anatomical Institute of the University of Marburg. After Franz Ludwig Fick had taken over this institute, Carl Ludwig became 1st Prosector and 1846 Extraordinarius for Comparative Anatomy. From 1846 Ludwig also worked on the development of the kymograph...

    In 1848 he also got into the whirlpool of the political movement; he had been elected with Gildemeister, Knies and Robert Wilhelm Bunsen [2] to the committee of the liberal Vaterlandsverein founded by Heinrich von Sybel in Marburg and even took over the editorial office of the “Neue Verfassungsfreunde” in spring 1848. Even though Marburg’s liberali...

    In 1855 he was appointed full professor of physiology and zoology at the Medical-Surgical Military Academy (Josephinum) in Vienna. In Vienna Ernst Brücke worked at the Physiological Institute of the University since 1849. During his 10 years at Josephinum, Carl Ludwig invented the blood gas pump, elucidated the basic processes involved in the excha...

    On 1 May 1865 Ludwig was appointed to the University of Leipzig as successor to Ernst Heinrich Weber, who was entrusted with anatomy, and became the first professor of physiology there. Here he worked for 30 years, until his death in 1895. There is indeed scarcely any branch of physiology, except the physiology of the senses, to which Ludwig did no...

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    Carl Ludwig: Robots. Carl Ludwig is known for Robots (2005), Epic (2013) and Horton Hears a Who! (2008).

  6. association with Owens In Jesse Owens …it was German long jumper Carl Ludwig (“Luz”) Long who aided Owens through a bad start in the long jump competition. Owens was flustered to learn that what he had thought was a practice jump had been counted as his first attempt. Unsettled, he foot-faulted the second attempt. Before Owens’s… Read More

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