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  1. Caroline Herschel was born on March 16, 1750 in Hanover, Germany. Her father Isaac was a talented musician. Isaac Herschel encouraged all six of his children to train in mathematics, French and music. Caroline's mother did not see the need for a girl to become educated and preferred to make Caroline a house servant to the rest of the family.

  2. Sep 4, 2012 · Born in Germany as Karoline Lucretia Herschel on March 16, 1750, Herschel was one of the ten children of Anna Ilse Moritzen and Issak Herschel. The family was very musical, and her older...

  3. Caroline Herschel In 1772, he invited Caroline to join him as his assistant. She moved to Bath and soon found herself equally captivated by the night sky. In 1781, while working alone, William discovered the planet Uranus. He originally named it 'Georgium Sidus' in honour of the British King.

  4. Caroline was born in Hanover, Germany. Her father had been an army musician, but had to retire due to ill health before Caroline was born. Caroline herself had typhus when she was 10 years old. The illness stunted her growth at 4 foot 3 inches and left her with vision loss in one eye.

  5. Mar 24, 2017 · Caroline Herschel (1750–1848) was a German astronomer who made major contributions to science—though her work was often overshadowed by her brother's discoveries. Here are eight things you should...

  6. Mar 16, 2012 · Caroline Lucretia Herschel Quick Info Born 16 March 1750 Hannover, Hanover (now Germany) Died 9 January 1848 Hannover, Hanover (now Germany) Summary Caroline Herschel recorded the observations and did the calculations on the data of her astronomer brother William. View five larger pictures Biography

  7. Caroline Herschel nació el 16 de marzo de 1750 en Hanover, Alemania. Su padre, Issac, era un talentoso músico. Isaac Herschel impulsaba a que sus seis hijos se entrenaran en matemática, francés y música. La madre de Caroline no veía la necesidad de que una niña tuviera educación y prefería que Caroline se ocupara de la casa.

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