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  1. Carolyn Kepcher (born January 30, 1969) is an American businesswoman who was one of the judges on the NBC television program The Apprentice.She was formerly the Executive Vice President, chief operating officer, for the Trump Golf Properties.

  2. Judges: Donald Trump; Carolyn Kepcher; George H. Ross; Monologue: Location, Location, Location – Any product sales depends on the location, it has to reach the right target demographic. Protégé project manager: Ereka; Versacorp project manager: Troy; Winning team: Protégé Reasons for win: The women nearly quintupled their money. They stay ...

  3. Trump's original advisors were Carolyn Kepcher, former chief operating officer and general manager for Trump National Golf Club, and George H. Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, the Trump Organization. In August 2006, Trump released Kepcher from her duties at the Trump organization saying only that he "wishes her the best."

  4. This was the last season to have George H. Ross and Carolyn Kepcher as main boardroom judges, although Ross's role was largely taken over by Bill Rancic in this season. The show moved to Los Angeles, California the following season and Donald Trump's children became the most prominent judges after him.

  5. Judges: Donald Trump; Carolyn Kepcher; Bill Rancic Corporate restructuring: Because Capital Edge lost 4 tasks (including 3 in a row), Carolyn asked each team's project manager to send three players as to who they want to move to the other team. Alla sent Jennifer M., Rebecca, and Marshawn to Excel.

  6. Judges: Donald Trump; Carolyn Kepcher; George H. Ross; Trump Monologue: Perseverance – The best people are the ones that don't stop until the sale is made, they never give up, they have "no quit". Results: Magna chosen Triple Cheese Angus Steak Burger while Net Worth chosen Western Angus Burger. Winning team: Net Worth. The team of "street ...

  7. Carolyn Kepcher, businesswoman who was one of the judges on the NBC television program The Apprentice. Leopoldo Minaya, poet; Olivia Peguero, contemporary landscape and botanical artist; David Rosado, American politician from New York; Gabourey Sidibe, Academy Award-nominated actress; Pamela Smart, American high school teacher; Brian Sweeney ...

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