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  1. Fitxer:Global Catalan Countries.svg - Viquipèdia, l ...

    Aquest fitxer ha estat substituït per File:Catalan Countries (orthographic projection).svg. Es recomana utilitzar l'altre. Es recomana utilitzar l'altre. Tingueu en compte que per suprimir imatges substituïdes cal consens .

  2. Catalán leidán - Biquipedia, a enciclopedia libreán_leidán

    O leidán ye o subdialeuto d'o idioma catalán que se charra en Leida y comarcas que bi'n ha arredol. Seguntes as clasificacions actuals, a parla fragatina se mete drentro d'o leidán.

  3. lait - Wiktionary

    Nov 07, 2020 · lait (third-person singular simple present laits, present participle laiting, simple past and past participle laited) ( transitive , intransitive , Britain dialectal , obsolete ) To seek ; search for; inquire .

  4. Ferdinand II o Aragon - Wikiwand

    Ferdinand II[1] , cried the Catholic, wis in his ain richt the Keeng o Sicily frae 1468 an Keeng o Aragon[2] frae 1479. As Ferdinand V he wis the Keeng o Castile in his richt o his wife, Isabella I, frae 1475 till her daith in 1504. He wis recognised as regent o Castile for his dauchter an heir, Joanna, frae 1508 till his ain daith. In 1504, efter a war wi Fraunce, he acame Keeng o Naples as ...

  5. Villarreal - Wikiwand

    Villarreal , offeecially Vila-real ,[1] is a ceety in the province o Castelló, in the Valencie Commonty, Spain.

  6. Spain - Wikiwand

    ↑ 3.0 3.1 The offeecial Spaingie leid o the State is established in the Section 3 o the Spaingie Constitution o 1978 tae be Castilian. In some autonomous commonties, Catalan, Galicie an Basque are co-offeecial leids. Aragonese an Asturian hae some degree o offeecial recogneetion. ↑ As of January 2015, Spain's population was estimated at ...

  7. Descusión:Catalán leidán - Biquipedia, a enciclopedia libreón:Catalán_leidán

    Leridán o Leidán. No sé si a consecuencia del cambio de Lerida por Leida hay que cambiar también Leridán por Leidán.--Manuel Trujillo Berges 18:47 9 nob 2008 (UTC) ...

  8. lei - Wiktionary

    Nov 15, 2020 · La pioggia cadde, e a’ foſſati venne / Di lei ciò che la terra non ſofferſe The rain fell and into the channels ran / Whatever of it was not absorbed by the ground ca. 1349-1353 , Giovanni Boccaccio , The Decameron , Tipografia della Società Belgica (1841), page 228 :

  9. Conjugation of verb leiden -

    Conjugation of verb leiden. The conjugation of the verb leiden is irregular. Basic forms are leidet, litt and hat gelitten. The stem vowels are ei - i - i. The auxiliary verb of leiden is haben. The flection is in Active and the use as Main. For a better understanding, countless examples of the verb leiden are available.

  10. Is Ukrainian a dialect of Russian? - Quora

    No, Ukrainian and Russian are not dialects of a single East Slavic language, whatever you would choose to call it. And Ukrainians and Russians are not one people.

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