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  1. Karin Månsdotter - Wikipediaånsdotter

    1 day ago · In 1577, newly widowed, she travelled to Stockholm to ask for financial support, which she received. The second time was in 1582, when she met with Queen Catherine Jagiellon and Queen Dowager Katarina Stenbock at Svartsjö Castle, in what was called "The Meeting of Three Queens Catherine".

  2. Andrew Keith, Lord Dingwall - Wikipedia,_Lord_Dingwall

    1 day ago · He discussed their "secret purpose", a plan to marry James VI to a Swedish princess, Anna Vasa of Sweden, daughter of John III of Sweden and Catherine Jagiellon, who had recently converted to Lutheranism. The plan was likely to fail because of the objections of her mother's sister the Catholic Anna Jagiellon, Queen of Poland. Dingwall thought ...