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      • Catherine of Masovia. Catherine of Masovia (pl: Katarzyna mazowiecka; 1413/16 – betw. 2 June 1479/5 July 1480), was a Polish princess member of the House of Piast in the Masovian branch.
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    Catherine of Masovia (Polish: Katarzyna mazowiecka; 1413/16 – between 2 June 1479 and 5 July 1480) was a Polish princess member of the House of Piast in the Masovian branch. She was the eighth and youngest daughter of Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia and Alexandra , a daughter of Algirdas , Grand Duke of Lithuania and sister of King Władysław ...

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    Alexandra of Masovia Catherine of Masovia ; married Michael Žygimantaitis Grandchildren of Alexandra and Siemowit IV included Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor , Przemyslaus II, Duke of Cieszyn , Sophie of Pomerania, Duchess of Pomerania and Dorothy Garai .


    Anticipating such a move on Catherine’s part, the Provincial of Masovia, to whose jurisdiction most of White Russia belonged, 3 had informed Czerniewicz that he was to be superior of all Jesuits, with the rights and privileges of a Vice-Provincial, should the Empress refuse to allow the promulgation of the Brief.

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    Cymburgis of Masovia (German: Cimburgis von Masowien), also Zimburgis or Cimburga (Polish: Cymbarka mazowiecka; 1394 or 1397 – 28 September 1429), a member of the Polish Piast dynasty, was Duchess of Austria from 1412 until 1424, by her marriage with the Habsburg duke Ernest the Iron.

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    Cymburgis of Masovia.PNG 638 × 1,008; 1.1 MB Franz Dobiaschofsky - Herzog Ernst der Eiserne rettet Cimburgis von Masowien - 9608 - Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.jpg 2,715 × 3,508; 12.78 MB Franz Geyling Der tapfere Retter 1856.jpg 1,318 × 1,063; 1.49 MB

    • consort
    • 1394, 1397, Warsaw
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    1 Catherine MAST =Jacob TROYER Marriage: ABT. 1775, Pennsylvania 2 Michael TROYER =Magdalena MILLER Marriage: BEF. 1821 3 Abraham TROYER =Mary A. 3 Child of TROYER 3 Elisabeth TROYER 3 Moses TROYER 3 Noah Michael TROYER 3 Christian Michael TROYER 3 Child of TROYER 3 Ezra Michael TROYER 3 Magdalena TROYER 2 Elizabeth TROYER =Daniel MILLER

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    Maria of Masovia; Siemowit V of Masovia; Władysław I of Masovia; Jadwiga of Masovia; Cymburgis of Masovia; Euphemia of Masovia; Amelia of Masovia; Trojden II of Płock; Catherine of Masovia; Casimir II of Masovia

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    Cimburgia de Masovia (1394, Varsovia - 7 d'ochobre de 1429, Türnitz (es)), tamién llamada Cymburgis, Zimburgis o Cimburga (polacu: Cymbarka Mazowiecka) foi una noble qu'en xineru de 1412 convertir na segunda esposa del duque Ernesto'l Ferrial d'Austria (archiduque dempués de 1414) y que polo tanto algamó los títulos de duquesa y archiduquesa de l'antigua Austria Interior, conformada polos ...

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    Catherine 1507 Archduchess of ... Cymbarka was born in 1394, in Warsaw, Masovia. ... Create a free family tree for yourself or for Catherine Habsburg and we’ll ...

  10. Michael Žygimantaitis (c1405-1452) | Familypedia | FandomŽygimantaitis...

    Michael Žygimantaitis was born 1405 to Sigismund Kęstutaitis (c1365-1440) . He married Anna of Masovia (1411-1435) . He married Eufemia (c1410-1436) . He married Catherine of Masovia (c1415-c1479) . Ancestors are fromLithuania, Belarus. Michael Žygimantaitis'[1] (Lithuanian: Mykolas Žygimantaitis, Polish: Michał Bolesław Zygmuntowicz; before 1406 – shortly before February 10, 1452 in ...

    • 1405
    • Anna of Masovia (1411-1435)
    • 9999 Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Eufemia (c1410-1436)