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  1. Cebuano is the second most spoken language in the Philippines with about 20 million speakers. [2] The Cebuano-language Wikipedia community claimed to be the only online encyclopedia in this language. [3]

    • June 22, 2005; 18 years ago
    • Cebuano
  2. Cebuano is the lingua franca of Central Visayas, the western parts of Eastern Visayas, some western parts of Palawan and most parts of Mindanao. The name Cebuano is derived from the island of Cebu, which is the source of Standard Cebuano. [6] Cebuano is also the primary language in Western Leyte—noticeably in Ormoc.

    • 22 million (2010)
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  4. The term Cebuano also refers to the demonym of permanent residents in Cebu island regardless of ethnicity. History A Visayan freemen (or timawa) couple, depicted in the Boxer Codex ( c. 1595 ). The earliest European record of Cebuanos was by Antonio Pigafetta of the Magellan expedition.

  5. The Cebuano Wikipedia ( Cebuano: Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon) is the Cebuano-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition started on June 22, 2005. [2] Cebuano is the second most spoken language in the Philippines. As of November 2023 it has about 6,122,000 articles, most of which are created by Lsjbot.

  6. Cebuano (also referred to as Bisaya) is one of the main languages spoken in the Philippines. About 20,000,000 people speak this language. Cebuano is a member of the Visayan language family.

    • 22 million (2010)
    • Philippines
  7. Cebuano is an agglutinative yet partially inflected language: pronouns are inflected by number, and verbs are inflected for aspect, focus, and mood . Morphosyntactic alignment

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