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  1. is dedicated to the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821 - 1867) and his poems Les Fleurs du mal(Flowers of Evil). The definitive online edition of this masterpiece of French literature, contains every poem of each edition of Les Fleurs du mal,together with multiple English translations. About.

  2. Charles Pierre Baudelaire naît le 9avril1821[5]au 13 rue Hautefeuille[6]à Paris : ses parrain et marraine sont les parents « adoptifs » de sa mère, Pierre Perignonet Louise Coudougnan[7]. Celle-ci, Caroline Dufaÿs, a vingt-sept ans. Son père, Joseph-François Baudelaire, né en 1759 à La Neuville-au-Pont[8], en Champagne, est alors ...

  3. Baudelaire died at age 46 in the Paris nursing home in which he had been confined for the last year of his life. At the time of Baudelaire's death, many of his writings were unpublished and those that had been published were out of print. This was soon to change, however.

  4. Baudelaire is critical of the clean and geometrically laid out streets of Paris which alienate the unsung anti-heroes of Paris who serve as inspiration for the poet: the beggar, the blind, the industrial worker, the gambler, the prostitute, the old, and the victim of imperialism.

  5. On August 31, 1867, at the age of forty-six, Charles Baudelaire died in Paris. Although doctors at the time didn’t mention it, it is likely that syphilis led to terminal illness. His reputation as poet was secure: the Symbolists who led the next major movement in French poetry— Stéphane Mallarmé , Paul Verlaine , and Arthur Rimbaud ...

  6. Charles Baudelaire French Poet, Art Critic, and Translator Born: April 9, 1820 - Paris, France Died: August 31, 1867 - Paris, France Movements and Styles: Impressionism , Neoclassicism , Romanticism , Modernism and Modern Art Charles Baudelaire Summary Accomplishments Important Art Biography Influences and Connections Useful Resources

  7. Sep 1, 2017 · Role model for rock stars Feted by the Beats (along with Rimbaud) as the original urban stoned visionary, Baudelaire also became a hero to the singer-lyricists who succeeded them as...

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