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  2. Astrid of Sweden (17 November 1905 – 29 August 1935) was the Queen of the Belgians and the first wife of King Leopold III. Originally a princess of Sweden of the House of Bernadotte, Astrid became the Duchess of Brabant after her marriage to Leopold in November 1926. She was Queen of the Belgians from 23 February 1934 until her death.

  3. In 1800, Frederick Adolf left Sweden for health reasons and travelled to Germany and then to France. He died in Montpellier in France in 1803. Private life. Prince Fredrick Adolf is in fact most known in history for his love life. He was never married, and the ceremonial duties of his consort were performed by his sister Sophia Albertina. He ...

  4. Eric Magnusson (1268 – 15 July 1299) (Old Norse: Eiríkr Magnússon; Norwegian: Eirik Magnusson) was the King of Norway from 1280 until 1299.. Background. Eirik was the eldest surviving son of King Magnus the Lawmender of Norway, and his wife Ingeborg Eriksdatter, daughter of King Eric IV of Denmark.

  5. Louis the Pious ordered the construction of a North Sea fleet and the sending of missi dominici into Frisia to establish Frankish sovereignty there. Third civil war. In 837, Louis crowned Charles king over all of Alemannia and Burgundy and gave him a portion of his brother Louis's land.

  6. La maison Bernadotte est une famille d'origine française qui occupe depuis 1818 le trône de Suède et qui régna également sur la Norvège de 1818 à 1905. La branche suédoise de cette famille a été fondée par le maréchal d’Empire Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte , prince de Pontecorvo (de 1806 à 1810).

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