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  1. The New International Encyclopædia/Charles Martel ...

    Apr 14, 2016 · Charles of Anjou→ Edition of 1905. See also Charles Martel on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer. — CHARLES MARTEL (Fr., Charles the Hammer) (689-741). Mayor of the ...

  2. Charles Martel of Anjou - Infogalactic: the planetary ...

    Charles Martel died young in Naples, during the lifetime of his parents. His son, Charles (or Charles Robert), later succeeded in winning the throne of Hungary. Charles was apparently known personally to Dante : in the Divine Comedy , the poet speaks warmly of and to Charles's spirit when they meet in the Heaven of Venus (in Paradiso VIII).

  3. Martel d'Anjou Genealogy, Martel d'Anjou Family History

    Charles Martel d'Anjou, I (1271 - 1295) Charles I of Hungary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles I King of Hungary[1] Reign 12 July 1312 – 16 July 1342 Born 1288 Birthplace Naples, Kingdom of Naples Died 16 July 1...

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    Charles Martel of Anjou has 13 translations in 13 languages . Jump to Translations . translations of Charles Martel of Anjou. EN ES Spanish 1 translation .

  5. Charles Robert "Caroberto" d'Anjou (1288 - 1342) - Genealogy

    Dec 17, 2018 · Ladislaus IV died in 1290 leaving no sons, and a civil war between rival candidates pro-Hungarian Andrew III of Hungary, and pro-Croatian Charles Martel of Anjou started.[3] Charles Martel's father Charles II of Naples, awarded all Croatia from Gvozd Mountain (Croatian: Petrova Gora) to the river Neretva mouth hereditary to Paul I Šubić.[3]

  6. Robert of Anjou, "the Wise" king of Naples (1277 - 1343 ...

    While Robert's nephew Charles Robert of Anjou could have succeeded just as rightfully, being the son of Charles Martel, he was preoccupied with obtaining the Hungarian crown (which he accomplished in 1310) and did not press his claim to the throne of Naples. Robert was the heir in proximity of blood.

  7. 107794263 - VIAF

    Carlo Martello d'Angiò 1271-1295 re tit. d'Ungheria Karl Martell von Anjou 1271-1295 Carlo Martello d’Angiò Anjou, Charles Martel, 1271-1295

  8. Huus Capet-Anjou - Wikipedia

    Charles Martel trouwde mè Clemence van Habsburg, dochter van de Rôoms-Duutsche keunienk Rudolf I van Habsburg, en 't was uutendelik under zeune Karel I Robert die in 1308 den êeste keunienk van Hongareye van 't Huus Capet-Anjou kwam. Et Huus blêef over Hongareye regeern van 1308 tout 1395.

  9. Mary, Nữ vương Hungary – Wikipedia tiếng Việt,_Nữ_vương_Hungary

    16. Charles II of Naples: 8. Charles Martel of Anjou: 17. Mary of Hungary: 4. Charles I of Hungary: 18. Rudolph I of Germany: 9. Klementia of Habsburg: 19.

  10. Louis I of Naples - Wikipedia

    Background and family. A member of the Capetian House of Anjou, Louis was born in Naples as the second son of Philip I, Prince of Taranto, and Catherine of Valois.He was a patrilineal first cousin once removed of both Queen Joanna I of Naples and her husband Andrew, Duke of Calabria, in addition to being Joanna's maternal first cousin.