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  1. Charles Stewart Mott (June 2, 1875 – February 18, 1973) was an American industrialist and businessman, a co-founder of General Motors, philanthropist, and the 50th and 55th mayor of Flint, Michigan.

  2. Charles Stewart Mott (1875–1973) was an engineer, entrepreneur, public servant and philanthropist who dedicated much of his life, and wealth, to helping others. Born in Newark, New Jersey, he worked for his family’s Mott Beverage Co. after earning an engineering degree at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

  3. The name Charles Stewart Mott is today most widely recognizable when used in connection with the word Foundation. Established by the General Motors mogul in 1926, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has made grants in excess of $3 billion over the past nine decades, both in Mott’s adopted hometown of Flint, Michigan, and around the world.

  4. Mott served three terms as mayor of Flint, Michigan (1912-13, 1918). Industrialist, Philanthropist. He was an automotive pioneer who founded the Weston-Mott company which built a factory in Flint, Michigan which supplied axles for Buick automobiles at the adjacent Buick assembly plant.

    • Flint, Michigan
    • Mott Family Mausoleum
  5. Mar 03, 2019 · The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which Mott founded in 1926 as a charitable organization, evolved from an early focus on community schools in Flint, into a platform for international grant ...

  6. The enduring legacy of Charles Stewart Mott and Ruth Mott is their extraordinary commitment to civic participation. The Mott family dedicated themselves to supporting and improving their community of Flint, Michigan. C.S. Mott and his first wife, Ethel, moved with their three children to Flint in 1907.

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