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  1. Charles (French: Charles de France; 26 December 1446 – 24 May 1472), Duke of Berry, later Duke of Normandy and Duke of Aquitaine, was a son of Charles VII, King of France. He spent most of his life in conflict with his elder brother, King Louis XI.

  2. Jean de Berry also employed a secretary, Jean Flamel; his florid handwriting at the beginning of the Belles Heures (54.1.1, folio 1r) identifies the manuscript as belonging to the “excellent puissant Prince Jehan filz de roy de France Duc de Berry” (“excellent and powerful prince Jean, son of the king of France, Duke of Berry”).

  3. Feb 14, 2018 · Like most royals of the time, Charles’s marital life was a matter of state, not heart. At age 12, he was married off to his 17-year-old cousin and daughter of King Charles VI, Isabella of Valois ...

  4. The king and five other lords dressed up as wild men and danced about chained to one another. The king's brother, Louis of Valois, Duke of Orléans, approached with a lighted torch. One of the dancers caught fire and there was panic. The Duchesse de Berry, who recognized Charles, threw her robe over him and saved his life.

  5. Nov 27, 2022 · In 1469 w:Charles of Valois, Duke of Berry (1446-1472) was created Duke of Aquitaine by his elder brother King Louis XI of France. The Duchy of Aquitaine had only recently won back from the Kings of England in 1453, by whom it had been held since King Henry II (1154-1189) who had married the heiress Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  6. King John II *the Good* Of France 1319-1364. Bonne Of Luxembourg 1315-1349. Duke Peter I Of Bourbon 1311-1356. Princess Isabella Of France 1313-1388. Duke Stephen II Of Bavaria 1319-1375. Princess Elizabeth Of Sicily ca 1320-1439.

  7. Charles of Valois Duke of Berry 4th (2nd suriving) son of Charles VII 1461-1465. Charles of Valois Alternative arms variant as Duke of Normandy 1465-1469.

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