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  2. Chasing (2016 film)

    Chasing (2016 film)

    2016 · Action · 1h 36m
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    • 1. pursue in order to catch or catch up with: "police chased the stolen car through the city" Similar pursuerun afterfollowhuntOpposite run away from
    • 2. drive or cause to go in a specified direction: "she chased him out of the house" Similar drive awaydrive offdrive output to flight


    • 1. an act of pursuing someone or something: "they captured the youths after a brief chase"
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  3. Synonyms for CHASING: pursuit, tracking, chase, pursuing, tracing, trailing, search, tailing; Antonyms of CHASING: taking, receiving, accepting, admitting, taking in ...

  4. chasing definition: 1. present participle of chase 2. to hurry after someone or something in order to catch him, her…. Learn more.

  5. the hunting of wild animals —used with the; the act of chasing : pursuit; an earnest or frenzied seeking after something desired… See the full definition Merriam-Webster Logo

  6. Chasing definition, a design chased on metal. See more.

  7. CHASING M2 PRO Mount multiple accessories at the same time for more complex underwater application scenarios. Learn More . 100M. 4K. CHASING M2

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