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    On November 7, 2017, the actors playing F4 were revealed, namely Dylan Wang (Daoming Si), Darren Chen (Huaze Lei), Caesar Wu (Ximen Yan) and Connor Leong (Feng Meizuo). Shen Yue's role as Dong Shancai was unveiled at a press conference in Shanghai on November 9. Dee Hsu auditioned for the role of Daoming Feng and was cast as Daoming Zhuang. The ...

  2. The First Half of My Life - Wikipedia › wiki › The_First_Half_of_My_Life

    The First Half of My Life (Chinese: 我的前半生; pinyin: Wǒ de Qiánbànshēng) is a 2017 Chinese television series based on Hong Kong novelist Yi Shu's novel of the same name, and centers on a group of city dwellers who have to make choices about love and career.

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