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  1. Cheryl (singer) - Wikipedia › wiki › Cheryl_(singer)

    Cheryl Ann Tweedy (born 30 June 1983) is an English singer, dancer and television personality. Born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, she rose to fame in late 2002 upon winning a place in Girls Aloud, a girl group created through ITV 's Popstars: The Rivals.

  2. Cheryl - Wikipedia › wiki › Cheryl

    Cheryl is a female given name common in English speaking countries.. There are several prevailing theories about its etymology. The most common is that it has Italo-Celtic roots and is an Anglicised version of either the French name Cherie (from Latin cara, "beloved"; see also Carissa (name)) or the Welsh name Carys (a cognate of "Cara"), modelled on names such as Meryl and Beryl that were ...

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  4. Cheryl - IMDb › name › nm0156166

    Born in 1983, British singer Cheryl Cole studied dance, modeled and appeared in advertisements as a child. Her crowd-pleasing performances on Popstars: The Rivals (2002) won her membership to the pop group Girls Aloud and vaulted her into music stardom, virtually overnight. Cole has also enjoyed some success as a solo artist and appeared as a...

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    • June 30, 1983
    • Cheryl
  5. Cheryl - Name Meaning, What does Cheryl mean? › meaning › 0

    What does Cheryl mean? Cheryl ▼ as a girls' name is pronounced CHARE-el, SHARE-el. It is of French and Greek origin, and the meaning of Cheryl is "cherry fruit; green gemstone". Not found before the 1920s.

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  9. Cheryl Heather Mason | Silent Hill Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Cheryl_Heather_Mason
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    • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
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    Cheryl has chin-length, sideswept, brown hair and brown eyes. Cheryl, as she is seen 18 years ago, has a much more traditional western appearance than how she appeared in the original Silent Hill. She wears blue overalls over an orange T-shirt, with socks and Mary Jane-style shoes. Her hair is kept under a headband, and she wears colorful wristbands on her left wrist. In the present, Cheryl wears a brown jacket over a buttoned plaid blouse with jeans and green slippers. In the PlayStation versions, she is seen wearing a black jeweled necklace.

    Unable to cope with the loss of her father, Cheryl resorted to watching the same camcorder footage over and over to the point of obsession, altering her perception of her father through nostalgia and fragmented memories. To overcome her grief and depression, Cheryl visits the Lighthouse Clinic for counseling and family therapy, and there Cheryl visits a psychiatrist named Michael Kaufmann. Dr. Kaufmann causes Cheryl to dig deep within herself and question her feelings regarding her father's death and the guilt she harbors over it. This causes Harry Mason to manifest into a living memory of sorts, waking up after crashing his car into a junkyard. Upon awakening, he naturally believes no time has passed and is alarmed to find his daughter Cheryl is missing,, and he sets out to find her. As the counseling becomes more intense and Cheryl is forced to further examine her internal issues, Harry Mason gets closer and closer to his daughter, though the obstacles trying to block his progress...

    "I love my daddy!"
    "Daddy...? Daddy!? You have to run, Daddy! You can't fight them! Run!"
    "The man who died, that wasn't my father. That isn't who I remember. Those memories are all I have... You're all I have."
    "Why did you have to die? It wasn't my fault. Someone has to take the blame."

    Cheryl's date of birth is July 17th, 1983. It is shown briefly when Harry discovers Cheryl's school records.

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