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  1. Variante Chigorin. La Variante Chigorin, ampliamente recomendada por el maestro Mijaíl Chigorin, es considerada la variante principal de la línea principal de la defensa cerrada en la mayoría de los manuales de esta apertura. Con 9...Ca5 las negras buscan desbloquear su peón de c7 ganando tiempo por la amenaza de cambiar su caballo por el ...

  2. Steinitz vs. Mikhail Chigorin, Havana WCH 1892 (16th game of the match), Ruy Lopez, 1–0. Steinitz weakens Chigorin's pawns, gains superior mobility then forces a pawn promotion with the aid of a little combination. Steinitz vs. Mikhail Chigorin, Havana WCH 1892 (4th game of the match), Spanish Game: General (C65), 1–0.

  3. Feb 15, 2018 · Eine ganze Reihe Spitzengroßmeister muss sich am Tegernsee hinter diesem 13-Jährigen aus England einordnen. Vor vier Jahren sorgte der englische Innenminister dafür, dass die Familie des Ausnahmetalents Shreyas Royal in England bleiben darf.

  4. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves.. Introduction. The Lucena position is named after the Spaniard Luis Ramírez de Lucena.However, the position does not appear in his book on chess, Repetición de Amores e Arte de Axedrez (1497).

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    The Chigorin Variation was refined by Mikhail Chigorin around the turn of the 20th century and became the primary Black defence to the Ruy Lopez for more than fifty years. With 9...Na5 Black chases the white bishop from the a2–g8 diagonal and frees the c-pawn for queenside expansion.

  6. The following is a partial list of minor planets, running from minor-planet number 7001 through 8000, inclusive.The primary data for this and other partial lists is based on JPL's "Small-Body Orbital Elements" and "Data Available from the Minor Planet Center".

  7. The Sonneborn–Berger score (or the Neustadtl score) is a scoring system often used to break ties in chess tournaments.It is computed by summing the conventional score of each defeated opponent, and half the conventional score of each drawn opponent.

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