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  1. 6 days ago · China Life Insurance Company Limited (short China Life, simplified Chinese: 中国人寿保险; traditional Chinese: 中國人壽保險; pinyin: Zhōngguó rénshòu bǎoxiǎn) is a Beijing -headquartered China -incorporated company that provides life insurance and annuity products.

  2. Savings. Medical. Protection. Retirement. Protection. Juvenile. Protection. Accident. Life.

  3. May 2, 2023 · China Life Insurance Group. China Life Insurance Group is a Chinese holding company for the Ministry of Finance. It is the parent company of the public traded company China Life Insurance Company. As at 31 December 2015, China Life Insurance Group also owned 4.22% stake in China Huarong Asset Management, another subsidiary of the Ministry of ...

  4. Jun 7, 2023 · Bitcoin-Denominated Life Insurance Provider Raises $19 Million The company uses artificial intelligence for claims processing and health risk assessment. Meanwhile, a Bitcoin-backed and...

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    1 day ago · Noam Chomsky. Avram Noam Chomsky [a] (born December 7, 1928) is an American public intellectual known for his work in linguistics, political activism, and social criticism. Sometimes called "the father of modern linguistics", [b] Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science.

  6. Jun 6, 2023 · The plea filed by Chongtham Victor Singh and Mayengbam James said the shutdown was "grossly disproportionate" in its interference with the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression and the right to carry on any trade or business using the constitutionally protected medium of the internet.

  7. Jun 7, 2023 · 07.06.2023, 08:30 Samyang Signs Partnership Agreement with Yxintent, China for Dermal Filler Lafullen® snakenoodle9 Yxintent will exclusively sell Lafullen® after conducting clinical trials and approval in China, with Samyang supplying products worth KRW 100 billion over the next five years

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    20 hours ago · The Chinese Communist Party created its news agency, the Red China News Agency, in 1931; its primary responsibilities were the Red China newspaper and the internal Reference News. In 1937, the Party renamed the agency Xinhua, New China. Xinhua became the official news agency of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

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