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  1. 10 Facts about Chinese Language | Fact File

    Facts about Chinese Language 10: the development of Chinese language. The usage of Chinese language was dated back around 3,000 years ago. The language developed from time to time. The people who lived in Western Zhou Period communicated using Old Chinese language. Guóyu was established as the standard national language of China in 1930s.

  2. China is blocking Wikipedia in every language | Engadget

    May 15, 2019 · A recent Open Observatory of Network Interference report has shown that China started blocking Wikipedia in all languages sometime in April, not just the Chinese-language version as has been the ...

  3. Chinese Language | EthnoMed

    The Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world with at least six thousand years of history. Chinese character inscriptions have been found in turtle shells dating back to the Shang dynasty 1 (1766-1123 BC) proving the written language has existed for more than 3,000 years.

  4. Mandarin Chinese | Learn Any Language | Fandom

    Mandarin Chinese is the most common dialect of Chinese and is the basis of 普通话 (Pǔtōnghuà, literally "Common Language" or Modern Standard Mandarin). MSM is the standard language of the People's Republic of China and has been mandatory in education in that country for several decades. It is the world's largest language, with 885 million native speakers. Chinese is a tonal language and ...

  5. Written Chinese/Lesson 1 - Wikibooks, open books for an open ...

    Nov 11, 2012 · Although the Simplified Chinese system is easier to write and widely-used, it sacrifices many elements of the original Chinese characters. You are recommended to study the few "rules" used for the simplification process after you have familiarized yourself with the Chinese language, and know Simplified Chinese as a reference.

  6. Chinese Phonetics | Vocaloid Wiki | Fandom

    Within China itself, there are many different languages that are members of the Sinitic Language Family, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Yin, and so on. Despite these acting as different languages, they are known in English as "dialects." There are many regional dialects of the official "dialects" of Chinese. The official language of the People's Republic of China is Mandarin, due to Mandarin ...

  7. Chinese Language, Mandarin Learning, Chinese Characters, Dialects

    As one of the six official languages used by UN (United Nations), Chinese now has earned itself greater status in the World. The official language of China is the Mandarin, which is the very name of 'Hanyu' or 'Putonghua', belonging to Sino-Tibetan.

  8. 322731607-Chinese-Literature-by-Jerid-XD.pdf - Chinese ...

    Unformatted text preview: Chinese literature From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Chinese character wén meaning "language", "literature" History of literature by era Bronze Age Sumerian Ancient Egyptian Akkadian Classical Avestan Chinese Greek Hebrew Latin Pali Prakrit Sanskrit Syriac Tamil Early Medieval Matter of Rome Matter of France Matter of Britain Armenian Byzantine Georgian ...

  9. Chinese Alphabet and Pronunciation - Learn Languages

    Chinese has no alphabet, they use pictograms. Each word has its own pictogram. You can compare it with numbers, if you read 5, depending on what language you speak you will say five (English), quince (French), funf (German),vijf (Dutch), pito (Tagalog) etc.

  10. Learn Chinese - I Will Teach You A Language

    Chinese is a language that will open doors for you and allow you to connect with Chinese people and their culture on a much more personal and meaningful level. 4. Learning Mandarin Gives You Access To Authentic Chinese Culture. Chinese history dates back over 5000 years and has a rich culture of art, music and poetry.