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    Mandarin Chinese is the most common dialect of Chinese and is the basis of 普通话 (Pǔtōnghuà, literally "Common Language" or Modern Standard Mandarin). MSM is the standard language of the People's Republic of China and has been mandatory in education in that country for several decades. It is the world's largest language, with 885 million native speakers. Chinese is a tonal language and ...

  2. How Many Languages are Spoken in China?

    Mar 04, 2019 · The Chinese language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is one of the world’s largest language families. Chinese is spoken by 1.3 billion people around the world. Mandarin, which is probably the most recognized form of Chinese language, is just a dialect.

  3. What is the most spoken language? | Ethnologue

    Mandarin Chinese is the largest language in the world when counting only first language (native) speakers. This is due to the significant population of China. We consider Mandarin to be largest of the Chinese macrolanguage , a grouping of thirteen languages all considered “Chinese” due to a shared writing system and literature.

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    This page is for jobs that begin in 2016. Please add job postings in the correct category below (TT or non-TT). These can include Chinese film, performance, visual, media, and cultural studies as well. Thank you! Last Year's page: Chinese language and literature 2014-15 New Page for 2017 jobs: Chinese Language and Literature 2016-2017 See also: Asian History 2015-16 Contents[show] RECENT ...

  5. Learn To Read Chinese In Eight Minutes

    Apr 25, 2013 · To a non-Chinese speaker (like me), and especially to a Westerner (like me), Chinese is the most impenetrable family of languages on Earth. While there may be only an eighth as many syllables as ...

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    中国語圏の俳優・ミュージシャンのための人物テンプレートです。英語版からコピペする際はきちんと翻訳を行い、履歴不継承にならないよう注意してください。質問・改善要求は Template‐ノート:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor まで。

  7. Dead Languages: How (and Why) to Learn a Dead Language

    The Gothic language is an extinct language that is from the Germanic language family. The Codex Argenteus , a translation of the Bible produced in the 6th century (but copied from a 4th century version), is the most well-known source for Gothic, but the language has a significant body of texts in comparison with other Eastern Germanic languages.

  8. Chinese Pronunciation: The Complete Guide for Beginner

    Mar 12, 2020 · Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, which means that the way a sound is pronounced directly affects the meaning of what is said. Mandarin’s tones give the language a very distinctive quality, but the tones can also be a source of miscommunication if not given due attention.

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    Chinese is a language that will open doors for you and allow you to connect with Chinese people and their culture on a much more personal and meaningful level. 4. Learning Mandarin Gives You Access To Authentic Chinese Culture. Chinese history dates back over 5000 years and has a rich culture of art, music and poetry.

  10. List of Chinese characters - hanziDB

    List of Chinese characters used in the writing systems of the Chinese and Japanese languages, occasionally for Korean, and historically in Vietnam. Many of these characters are ancient or rarely used, therefore you may be more interested in much smaller list of characters in modern Chinese or list of most popular Chinese characters .