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  1. Christopher Columbus - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Christopher Columbus (/ k ə ˈ l ʌ m b ə s /; before 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an Italian explorer and colonizer who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that opened the New World for conquest and permanent European colonization of the Americas.

  2. Christopher Columbus: The Discovery - Wikipedia

    Mar 27, 2020 · Christopher Columbus: The Discovery is a 1992 American historical adventure film directed by John Glen.It was the last project developed by the father and son production team of Alexander and Ilya Salkind (best known for the Superman films that star Christopher Reeve in the title role).

  3. クリストファー・コロンブス - Wikipediaクリストファー...

    4 days ago · インディアン団体「AIM」のコロラド支局はその公式サイトで、「Transform Columbus Day!(コロンブス・デーを変えろ!)」として、この記念祭の廃絶を求め、以下のように主張している。 コロンブスは何百万人もの先住民殺戮の責任者である。

  4. 4 days ago · In 1492, Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus, under contract to the Spanish crown, reached some Caribbean islands, making the first contact with the native people. On April 2, 1513, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León landed on what he called " La Florida "—the first recorded European coming on what would become the U.S. mainland.


    4 days ago · Home - WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio | Columbus News, Weather & Sports. ... The Columbus Division of Police says an officer within the division has tested positive for COVID-19. Read more.

  6. 5 days ago · The Middle Ages are a time period in European history. They started around the year 476 CE when the Western Roman Empire ended, and continued until around the time Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World in 1492. The 'Middle Ages' are called this because it is the time between the fall of Imperial Rome and the beginning of the Early ...

  7. Христофор Колумб – УикипедияХристофор...

    6 days ago · Първата експедиция е с екипаж от 90 души на корабите „Санта Мария“ (100 t), на който Колумб издига своя адмиралски флаг, „Пинта“ (около 60 t) с капитан Мартин Алонсо Пинсон и „Ниня“ (около 50 t) с капитан Висенте Янес Пинсон.

  8. Belgravia – Wikipedia

    4 days ago · På Belgrave Square finns statyer av Christopher Columbus, Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín, Henrik sjöfararen, Robert Grosvenor, 1:e markis av Westminster, en byst of George Basevi och en skulptur med titeln "Homage to Leonardo, the Vitruvian Man", av den italienske skulptören Enzo Plazzotta. [12] Referenser

  9. 3 days ago · Looking for things to do in Georgia? Find attractions, events and more in Columbus, GA. Ride the longest urban whitewater rafting course in the world. Learn more.

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    Mar 29, 2020 · Keep watching and subscribe, as more episodes will follow! You can now support this channel via Patreon, by accessing the link bellow. Thank you! https://www...

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