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  1. Oct 01, 2022 · Abrasive water jet machining is a process that removes material using sand and water. This versatile process uses a high-pressure water jet loaded with abrasive particles of mineral origin. It...

  2. Clément Ader (2 April 1841 – 3 May 1925) was a French inventor and engineer who was born in Muret, Haute-Garonne (a distant suburb of Toulouse), and died in Toulouse. 76 relations.

  3. Clément Ader 1841-1925 French aviation pioneer who experimented with aircraft beginning in 1882. He designed and later built several machines with bat-shaped wings. He attempted to fly one, the steamengine-powered Eole, in 1890. Although he took off, he failed to remain airborne.

  4. Ce timbre de 1938 vient satisfaire notre chauvinisme, flatter notre fierté nationale, puisqu’il rend hommage à Clément Ader, précurseur de l’aéronautique.

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  5. The origin of the théâtrophone can be traced to a telephonic transmission system demonstrated by Clément Ader at the 1881 International Exposition of Electricity in Paris. The system was inaugurated by the French President Jules Grévy, and allowed broadcasting of concerts or plays.

  6. The Avion II (originally referred to as the Zephyr (west wind) or the Éole II) was the second primitive aircraft designed by Clément Ader in the 1893. O Ader Avion II (também conhecido como Zephyr ou Éole II) foi a segunda tentativa de Clément Ader de criar um avião primitivo em 1893.

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