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  1. Clément Ader (2 April 1841 – 3 May 1925) [1] [2] was a French inventor and engineer who was born near Toulouse in Muret, Haute-Garonne, and died in Toulouse. He is remembered primarily for his pioneering work in aviation. In 1870 he was also one of the pioneers in the sport of cycling in France. [3] Contents 1 Electrical and mechanical inventions

  2. Clément Ader, (born Feb. 4, 1841, Muret, France—died March 5, 1926, Toulouse), self-taught French engineer, inventor, and aeronautical pioneer. Ader constructed a balloon at his own expense in 1870. By 1873 he had turned his attention to heavier-than-air flight, constructing a winged “bird” on which he is said to have made tethered flights. Ader resigned his position with the Administration of Bridges and Roads in 1876, determined to make a fortune and pursue the dream of mechanical ...

  3. Clément Agnès Ader [2] (Muret, 2 de abril de 1841 – Toulouse, 3 de maio de 1925 [3]) foi um engenheiro francês, precursor da aviação e inventor do termo avion (1890). Apesar de ser um assunto controverso, é atribuído a ele por alguns historiadores o voo da primeira máquina motorizada mais pesada que o ar em 1890. A controvérsia se dá por conta do desconhecimento da real capacidade de controle e estabilidade da máquina, que poderia ser praticamente incontrolável no ar.

  4. Oct 22, 2019 · Clément Ader was an inventor and engineer. He was born February 4th, 1841 in Muret, France and died on March 5, 1926. Clément was a pioneer of flight predating the Wright brothers. He was an early aviation enthusiast. During the Franco-German War of 1870-71, Ader constructed a balloon at his own expense, propelling his interest in aviation.

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    According to late 1907 claims made by Clément Ader, on 8 October 1890, the machine achieved a short flight of around 50 m (164 ft) at the Chateau d'Armainvilliers in Brie. It reached a height of around 20 cm (8 in). The poor power-to-weight ratio of the steam engine and bad weather were felt to limit the flying height achieved.

  6. Clément Ader (* 2. apríl 1841, Muret, Francúzsko – † 3. máj 1925, Toulouse) bol francúzsky letecký konštruktér a vynálezca. K jeho prvým vynálezom patril tzv. teatrofón, prístroj na báze telefónu určený na stereofonický prenos opery. [1] Známy sa však stal najmä konštrukciou lietadiel. Jeho prvým lietadlom bol parným strojom poháňaný, netopierovi podobný lietajúci stroj menom Éole, ktorý bolo nasledovaný vyspelejším lietadlom pomenovaným Avion III ...

  7. Clément Ader's technical masterpiece, which paved the way for the future of aviation, is now on display at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Credits: All media The story featured may in some...

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