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  1. Life. Matilda was born in or around June 1156 in London or, less likely, at Windsor Castle, as third child and eldest daughter of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine; named after her paternal grandmother, Empress Matilda, she was baptized shortly after birth in the Holy Trinity Church in Aldgate by Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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  3. Maria Amalia Teresa of Naples and Sicily (26 April 1782 – 24 March 1866) was Queen of the French by marriage to Louis Philippe I, King of the French. She was the last queen of France.

  4. Clementia of Hungary 1293–1328: Louis X King of France 1289–1316 r.1314–1316: Margaret of Burgundy 1290–1315: Philip V King of France c. 1293 –1322 r.1316–1322: Joan II Countess of Burgundy 1292–1330: Charles IV King of France 1294–1328 r.1322–1328: Joan of Évreux 1310–1371: Isabella of France 1295–1358: Edward II King of ...

  5. Clementia of Hungary John I (15 – 20 November 1316), called the Posthumous ( French : Jean I er le Posthume , Occitan : Joan I èr lo Postume ), was King of France and Navarre , as the posthumous son and successor of Louis X , for the five days he lived in 1316.

  6. Louis being crowned with his second wife, Clementia of Hungary. Louis was born in Paris, the eldest son of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre . [2] He inherited the kingdom of Navarre on the death of his mother, on 4 April 1305, later being crowned 1 October 1307. [3]

  7. Early life. Elisabeth of Austria was the fifth child and second daughter of her parents' sixteen children, of whom eight survived infancy. [better source needed] During her childhood, she lived with her elder sister Anna and younger brother Matthias in a pavilion in the gardens of the newly built Stallburg, part of the Hofburg Palace complex in Vienna.

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