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  1. Cleopatra III (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα; c.160–101 BC) was a queen of Egypt.She ruled at first with her mother Cleopatra II and husband Ptolemy VIII from 142 to 131 BC and again from 127 to 116 BC.

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    139: To strengthen their position, Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III seek support from the native population. 132, November: Outbreak of civil war between Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra II. Cleopatra III appears to have stayed on Cyprus. 131, autumn: Cleopatra II controls Alexandria. 131/130: Ptolemy is on Cyprus.

  3. Nov 26, 2005 · Cleopatra III (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα; 161–101 BC) was a queen of Egypt 142–101 BC. Cleopatra III was also known as Cleopatra Euergetis while associated with her husband Ptolemy VIII or her son Ptolemy X. She is attested as Cleopatra Philometor Soteira while associated with her eldest son Ptolemy IX.

    • circa -170
    • September -121 (44-53)101 Bce In Egypt
    • Alexandria, Egypt, Born c. 160-155 BC
    • Reine d'Egypte (116-101)
  4. Cleopatra III was one of the most ambitious women of the Ptolemaic Dynasty next toCleopatra VII. She was the niece of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II and was actually married to him while her mother was still his official wife. Cleopatra III bore two sons during her marriage – Ptolemy IX Philometor Soter II (Lathyros) and Ptolemy X Alexander I ...

  5. Other articles where Cleopatra III is discussed: Ptolemy IX Soter II: …Alexander I, and his mother, Cleopatra III, widow of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II, gained sole rule of the country in 88 and sought to keep Egypt from excessive Roman influence while trying to develop trade with the East.

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