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    Mastering the margarita requires a certain amount of practice, but once you dial-in your perfect ratio, it's a really easy cocktail to replicate. The classic recipe is 3 parts tequila, 2 parts triple sec, and 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice, and you should probably start off pretty close to that, but my personal favorite proportions are 4-3-2.

  3. Cocktail - Wikipedia

    A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavored syrup, or cream. There are various types of cocktails, based on the number and kind of ingredients added. The origins of the word cocktail have been debated.

  4. Cocktail (1988) - IMDb

    Jul 29, 1988 · Directed by Roger Donaldson. With Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown, Elisabeth Shue, Lisa Banes. A talented New York City bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love.

  5. Cocktail | Definition of Cocktail by Merriam-Webster

    Cocktail definition is - a usually iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients. How to use cocktail in a sentence.

  6. 10 Classic Cocktails | Allrecipes

    A sophisticated cocktail that's simple to make and goes down smooth. The original version of this cocktail was simply water, sugar, bitters, and whatever booze was within reach, often brandy. With time, the water became ice, the booze became whiskey, and the drink became an old fashioned.

  7. 30 Great Cocktail Recipes You Should Know – A Couple Cooks

    Another classic cocktail, the Gin Gimlet is super refreshing and takes only 5 minutes to whip up! It’s the perfect balance of sweet and tart with the botanical flavor of gin. A gin gimlet is a classic cocktail made of lime juice, gin and simple syrup. It’s sometimes served with a splash of soda water.

  8. The 50 Most Popular Cocktails in the World (UPDATED 2020)

    Nov 07, 2017 · The second Audrey Saunders mashup cocktail to make the list, the Gin Gin Mule (a.k.a. the Ginger Rogers) is a cross between a Moscow Mule and a Mojito, with gin starring in the show. 40. Vesper

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    Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion, just a shake, stir or pour away ...

  10. Cocktail (1988 film) - Wikipedia

    Cocktail is a 1988 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Roger Donaldson and written by Heywood Gould, whose screenplay was based on his book of the same name.The film tells the story of a young New York City business student, Brian Flanagan, who takes up bartending in order to make ends meet.

  11. 25 Vodka Cocktails You'll Want to Make Again and Again ...

    A fruity cocktail rimmed with crackling, explosive Pop Rocks candy is a genius way to surprise your guests on April Fool's Day. But don't limit this playful twist to once a year! The pairing is too good not to revisit.

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